Adobe Reader For Mac Update

Posted : admin On 2/1/2022
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Adobe Acrobat Reader has become one of the most popular PDF viewers in the world. It is a simple and free app that is loved by many users. If you have recently made the switch from a PC to a Mac, then you might be wondering if there’s an Adobe Reader for Mac. I hope to answer this question and more in this article.

Adobe Updater is a utility by Adobe, Inc that helps you keep your Adobe programs up-to-date. Updater allows for two ways of managing Adobe updates: the regular mode, asking the user before downloading the update, and the automatic mode, downloading the update and notifiying the user about the new program version ready to be installed.

Today, we are going to take a look at the availability of Adobe Acrobat reader for the Mac, the requirements, the installation steps, and several alternatives. Let’s jump right into it.


  • 1 Download Adobe Reader DC For Mac
  • 2 Adobe Reader Alternatives for Mac

Download Adobe Reader DC For Mac

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can be run on the Mac. It has the same features as it’s Windows counterpart. The program will let you view, comment, and sign any PDF. Adobe created the PDF format and they are very good at working with it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC also has cloud integration, which means that you can have access to your PDF files from anywhere in the world. However, to create a PDF or to export it to Excel or Word, you are going to need Acrobat Pro DC, which is a paid software.


  • macOS 10.12 and above.
  • More than 380 MB of hard drive space.
  • 1024×768 screen resolution or above.
  • Safari 10.0.
  • An Intel processor.


  1. Visit this link and click Download Acrobat Reader to download the installer.
  2. Open up the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  3. If you see a warning saying that Reader is an application downloaded from the internet, simply click Open and enter the login details.
  4. After the download is completed, simply click Finish and you now have Adobe Acrobat DC on your Mac.

Adobe Reader Alternatives for Mac

Here are some of the best alternatives to Adobe Reader for Mac.

Adobe Reader For Mac Update

1. PDF Expert

Install Latest Adobe Update

PDF Expert is one of the best PDF editors for the Mac out there. It has tons of features that can help you with your work. You can use PDF Expert to easily highlight the most important parts of the PDF file. You also have the option to choose multiple different colors. This program will also let you easily fill out forms. You can even add text fields to non-interactive PDF forms. There’s also touch bar support for Macbook Pro users. PDF Expert also lets you create customized signatures.

PDF Expert is extremely fast too. It can load files with thousands of pages in a snap and it can also be used to convert PDF files into word files. PDF Expert can be downloaded for free using this link or you can purchase the Pro version for $79.99. This license can be used with 3 Macs.

2. PDF Element Pro

PDF Element is another PDF viewer with tons of features. The word processor in this program lets you easily edit PDF files. The app can also be used to redact sentences and protect your files. It can be used to convert ODF files to Word files with ease and you won’t face any formatting issues. The app also lets you fill out forms and use the collected data in spreadsheets for analysis. PDF Element also lets you add comments.

PDF Element Pro is great for collaborative work. It’s a very polished software and you can purchase it for $79 a year. You can also check out the software before purchasing it with the free trial. Click on this link to visit their website.

3. Safari

If you want a simple PDF viewer, then you don’t have to download anything. All mainstream browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have built-in PDF readers in them. I am using safari as an example. Simply open up a PDF file in Safari. It will not let you edit anything, but you can zoom in and out to read the contents.


4. PDF Reader – Document Expert

PDF Reader is one of the most popular PDF readers on the Mac App Store. It will let you edit texts in a pdf file and also annotate it. It will also let you sign invoices, add sticky notes and comments, and also lets you fill out forms. While not as polished as the first 2 entries on this list, it will be sufficient for personal use. You can also use it to protect files with watermarks and passwords.

PDF reader is available for free, but some of the premium features require an in-app purchase. Download PDF Reader- Document Expert here.

Final Take

That’s all there is to know about Adobe Reader for Mac. I hope that this article helped you found the best software for you. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hey everyone

As I posted last week, Adobe has claimed that its latest update to its pdf reader app on the mac brings full accessibility to tagged pdfs. That update came out today.

I have not had much time to look at the app yet, but my first impressions are mixed. It is definitely better then the previous reader app, since that one was totally inaccessible to voice over. You can read text in the new app, although it seems to make voice over a bit sluggish. You can also check boxes, and use, both skip nav and web links I believe.

Adobe Acrobat Reader For Mac Update

How to update your adobe on mac

There are a number of things that I don't understand about the app yet, for example it looks like there is a way of accessing headings, I can navigate through them, but I can't seem to move focus to them. I also can't figure out how to type texts into form fields. There also just seem to be some stability issues; as i mentioned the app is slow. Also it has already crashed on me a few times, and navigation seems to be a bit inconsistent.

I think there could simply be things that I am missing. Adobe says it is working on a user manual for voice over users, perhaps that will clear things up. I would love to hear from other people about your experiences with this app. I don't think its as good as it could be, but it is, perhaps, a start for a truly accessible pdf reader on the mac.