Amd D500 For Mac Pro

Posted : admin On 1/31/2022

The Mac Pro is a series of workstations and servers for professionals designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Inc. The Mac Pro, in most configurations and in terms of speed and performance, is the most powerful computer that Apple offers. It is one of four desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup, sitting above the consumer Mac Mini and iMac, and alongside the all-in-one. Dual AMD FirePro D500 Graphics Cards Traditionally, professional computers have relied primarily on the CPU for their computing power. But as GPU performance has dramatically increased, software developers have begun to leverage that power in their apps. With the Mac Pro, Apple engineered an even more powerful GPU architecture. Get the best deals on Apple Mac Pro 2013 AMD FirePro D500 Apple Desktops & All-In-One Computers and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at Fast & Free shipping on many items!

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1 – Overview

I had the opportunity yesterday (thanks to anirul) to quickly test one of the new Mac Pro (a late 2013 model) equipped with two FirePro D500 graphics cards. The FirePro D500 is based on a variation of the Tahiti GPU and packs 1536 stream processors (and not 1526 as it’s mentioned on the spec page):

The 1536 stream processors are spread over 24 compute units. The FirePro D500 is an OpenGL 4.4 capable graphics hardware (limited to OpenGL 4.1 under OSX 10.9) and supports OpenCL 1.2.

A quick note for OpenGL developers: it seems that FirePro drivers for D300/D500/D700 under OS X are very sensitive when it comes to hardware limits. I recently fixed a bug that occurred only on FirePro Dxxx under OS X 10.9 related to the max number of generic vertex attribs that can be used (GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS = 16 on most GPUs including the FirePro Dxxx). 17 vertex attribs were used in a demo (which is clearly a bug) and only the FirePro D500/D700 (not tested on D300) crashed when the GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS limit was exceeded. The bug was not visible with a Radeon HD 5000/6000 or a GeForce under OS X. So with current FirePro drivers, do not forget to check hardware limits!

Some basic OpenGL info for the FirePro D500 under OS X 10.9:

Amd d500 for mac pro 12.9

2 – Gallery

The Mac Pro is small:

The I/O connectors include four USB 3 ports, 6 thunderbolt ports, two Gigabit-Ethernet and one HDMI 1.4 ports:

The graphics cards: two FirePro D500. A 256-GB SSD is fixed on the right graphics card.

3 – OpenGL benchmarks

For this quick test, I used GpuTest 0.7.0 for Mac OS X. Only one FirePro D500 is OpenGL-ized in this benchmareking session.

Graphics settings for all tests: 1920×1080 fullscreen, no AA, 60 seconds.

Amd D500 For Mac Pro

The FirePro D500 is compared to the GeForce GT 650M (Macbook Pro) and a Radeon HD 5770 (hackintosh setup). I wanted to add a Radeon HD 7970 in the loop but the hackinstosh said NO!

3.1 – FurMark

Amd D500 For Mac Pro 12.9

  • GeForce GT 650M: 798 points, 13 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 1412 points, 23 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 2056 points, 34 FPS (GPU database entry)

Amd D500 For Mac Pro 15

3.2 – TessMark X8

  • GeForce GT 650M: 8200 points, 136 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 18016 points, 300 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 35525 points, 592 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.3 – TessMark X16

  • GeForce GT 650M: 6759 points, 112 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 9683 points, 161 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 16624 points, 277 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.4 – TessMark X32

  • Radeon HD 5770: 3429 points, 57 FPS
  • GeForce GT 650M: 4413 points, 73 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 4792 points, 79 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.5 – TessMark X64

  • Radeon HD 5770: 995 points, 16 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 1291 points, 21 FPS (GPU database entry)
  • GeForce GT 650M: 2192 points, 36 FPS

3.7 – GiMark

  • GeForce GT 650M: 784 points, 13 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 1479 points, 24 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 2501 points, 41 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.8 – Julia FP32

  • GeForce GT 650M: 2734 points, 45 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 4808 points, 80 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 28514 points, 474 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.9 – Julia FP64

  • Radeon HD 5770: *** FAILED *** (driver issue)
  • GeForce GT 650M: 427 points, 7 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 9830 points, 163 FPS (GPU database entry)

3.10 – Volplosion

  • GeForce GT 650M: 364 points, 6 FPS
  • Radeon HD 5770: 925 points, 15 FPS
  • FirePro D500: 1008 points, 16 FPS (GPU database entry)

4 – Selected reviews

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