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The Mac transition to Apple Silicon is the planned two-year process of introducing ARM64-based Apple-designed processors to, and deprecating Intel's x86-64 from, Apple's Macintosh line of computers. CEO Tim Cook announced the plan in his WWDC keynote address on June 22, 2020. The transition is the third time Apple has migrated Macintosh to a new instruction set architecture (ISA). As with the ARM binary translation libraries you will need to obtain a compatible archive of Google apps. I used the archive ( Found by clicking here ). Much like last time you'll want to open a file manager window to drag and drop the file into the virtual device window.

After a number of rumours, leaks and speculations, Apple announced that it will be launching new Macs powered by its own silicon at its WWDC 2020 event. The company said that it is switching to custom ARM-based silicon for the Mac line later this year. It is aiming to deliver better higher performance and better battery efficiency. Now, we could have an actual launch date for the upcoming product.

Popular tipster Jon Prosser tips that Apple is planning an event on November 17 where it could unveil the new ARM-powered Mac.

The tech giant is said to be designing a family of SoCs specifically for the Mac that will have a common architecture across all of Apple’s portfolio. Hence, making the iPhone and iPad apps run on ARM-powered Mac

. Apple has also said that all apps and software that were running on Intel-based Macs will be available on the new Macs, thanks to the shared architecture and Rosetta 2 translation tool.

Rumors have also hinted at a redesign for ARM-powered MacBook. Moreover, the 12-inch MacBook could make a return with the new silicon. The new 12-inch MacBook is also expected to deliver up to 20 hours of battery life. Popular Analyst Kuo expects the Apple Silicon-based MacBook Air to go into production around later this year, for a late winter or early spring launch in 2021. We could see a redesignedMacBook Pro launch in the alleged November 17 event. Furthermore, Apple could be looking forward to bringing Face ID feature to its computers.

Like Bluestacks App Player Genymotion is yet another very popular and stable android emulator that provides users with a Virtual environment so as to emulate android apps or android games on their Windows Desktop PC’s or laptops smoothly. Genymotion is basically a virtual android environment built on x86 and Virtualbox platform. Genymotion has a plethora of distinguishing features much more than any other android emulator and that too with an amazing support staff that really works in sync with you so as to assist in you the best possible manner. Download Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 from here.

You can now make better apps with Genymotion as currently Genymotion has over 3000 android configuration settings. Genymotion makes it easy for both the developers and end users to emulate Android devices i.e. Smartphones, Tablets with ease. Unlike Bluestacks App Player Genymotion is available in two different versions – FREE and PREMIUM. Premium version comes with lots of added features and functionalities as compared to the FREE version and therefore can be used by advanced developers (not recommened for end users).

Arm Translation For Mac High Sierra

Genymotion ARM Translation Download – Genymotion has now become very popular especially among the android app developers as it allows them to test their app directly on their system. Overall Genymotion is an amazing emulator except for one drawback that is it doesn’t have Google Services like Google Play Store, Google Maps or other Google services thereby causing difficulty for developers to test their apps that makes use of Google Services. Therefore here today I am going to share How to access Google Play services on Genymotion by downloading and installing Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip.

How to Download and Install Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip – Steps to Follow

In order to overcome this drawback they came with CyanogenMod’s gapps! but that was not enough since Genymotion ROM is compiled in x86 instruction sets to get in sync with the latest CPU architecture’s whereas CyanogenMod’s gapps! is compiled in ARM architecture. Therefore this restricts from installing CyanogenMod’s gapps! directly and if it is installed users start facing the below given errors and therefore to get rid of these frustrating errors users need to install Genymotion ARM Translator on their Genymotion android emulator.

“INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE (An error occured while deploying the file)”


“WARNING: linker: has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.”



Steps to Install Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 – Read Below

  • First of all you need to Download Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip file which you can download it from here – Click here to Download Genymotion ARM Translator v1.1
  • After downloading the file open Genymotion on your system and just drag and drop the file that you have downloaded above to the Genymotion home screen and then you will see a ARM Translation flash message -> Just Click on OK
  • That’s it wait for few seconds and shortly you will see a successful message asking for you to restart the virtual device.

*If Genymotion doesn’t restart by itself then you can use the command adb reboot at the command line in order to manually reboot Genymotion android emulator.

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