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Posted : admin On 1/31/2022

For a Windows-based PC:
1. Click on the Tools menu and highlight Windows Update. A window dialog may prompt you to install a download. Click Yes if so.
2. Click the link, Scan for Updates which will analyze your machine and its operating version. It will show you if you need critical updates or recommendations.
3. Follow the directions on installing the latest critical patches for your operating system.
For a Macintosh-based PC:
1. Go under the Apple icon located on your Mac OS X machine and highlight Software Update... .
2. Check the boxes in the Software Update dialog box and click the Install <# of items> button to download security patches and other selected items onto your Mac.


Mac Check For Os Updates

How to update mac

Mac Os Catalina

OS X Mountain Lion and later now have an App Store preferences pane instead. Fortunately, although the point-and-click setting is gone from the System Preferences app, users can still use a powerful tool in macOS to set their Mac’s update check frequency – the Terminal app.With just a quick command, users can configure the update check frequency to anything that is desired. Once per week, the Mac App Store checks for any updates to Mac OS X and any App Store apps and notifies the user that an update is available. In recent versions of OS X, the Mac App Store can even install new updates for you automatically. But sometimes one week is too long to wait for the newest features and latest security updates. From here you’ll see the precise installed date and time, the software update package name, and the version of each update listed. Many versions of Mac OS X get updates through the System Preference panel, including any Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, and earlier releases, as well as modern releases like macOS Mojave and moving forward.