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Posted : admin On 1/31/2022

That means anything you could do in Chrome on Windows or Mac, you can do in Chrome OS. Chrome OS used to be a glorified browser, but things have changed in recent years. Chromebooks can now run. Rather than attempting to install the open source version of Chrome OS or a Linux distribution designed to look like Chrome OS, you can just install a Linux distribution with a lightweight desktop environment—or any desktop environment, really—and use Chrome on that. RELATED: The Best Linux Distributions for Beginners.

If you are a Mac user like me you may feel like your Chromebook is scrolling “backwards.” On the Chromebook you use Control (ctrl) instead of Command for common keyboard shortcuts. On a Mac the Command key is next to the spacebar, but on the Chromebook the Control key is in the corner.

Chromebook Os For Any Laptop

On my Chromebook I went into the settings and swapped the ctrl key and the alt key. This allows me to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts without having to adjust where I put my fingers.

  • Find the MAC Address From the Welcome Screen. If you've yet to set up your Chromebook, you can find your MAC address from the welcome screen. Expand the Select a network menu to see the wired and wireless MAC addresses.
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Chromebook Os For Mac

Click on the bottom right hand corner of the Chromebook screen to launch the settings.

Choose Keyboard Settings under Device options.

By default the ctrl key is set to “ctrl,” switch this to “alt.” Swap the alt key to “ctrl.”

I also change my search button back into a caps lock key.

In the Chromebook settings you can change the Touchpad Settings from “Traditional scrolling” to “Australian scrolling.” This will change the trackpad to match how you scroll on a tablet device.

Mac Os For Chromebook

What is great about the Chromebook is it remembers your settings. When you sign into a different Chromebook your scrolling will be switched as will your key settings. Every Chromebook is “your” Chromebook.

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You have two options for finding your Chromebook's MAC address:

How To Install Chrome Os

  • Use the Networks panel near the clock:
    1. Visit Google's Connectto Wi-Fi page.
    2. Scroll down to Find the Media Access Control (MAC)address. Click to expand the section, and follow the instructions.
  • Use the browser's 'About System' diagnostic page:
    1. Open a browser window. In the address bar, type chrome://system, and press Enter.
    2. Look for ifconfig, and then click the Expand... button next to it.
    3. Look for either the eth0 section (wired MAC address) or the wlan0 section (wireless address). In both sections, the MAC address will be listed as the Ethernet HWaddr.
If you haven't set up your Chromebook and are seeing the Chrome 'Welcome!' screen, there's a third way to find the MAC address. On the welcome screen, below the Select yourlanguage: and Select your keyboard: drop-down menus, you will see a Select a network menu. Expand that menu to see the MAC address (or addresses, if your Chromebook also has an Ethernet port) listed at the bottom. If you have more than one MAC address, they will be identified as 'Ethernet' (the wired connection's MAC address) and 'WI-FI' (the wireless connection's MAC address).