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Posted : admin On 1/31/2022
  1. Card Rescue, a memory card photo rescue software for Mac. It rescues and restores lost, deleted and formatted pictures, images and movies after an accidental deletion, format, reformat or damaged sd card and flash memory card.
  2. The SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader (about $50 on eBay) can be a great tool for moving data to and from CF cards for Macs with FireWire 400 and FireWire 800. Using CompactFlash Inside Your Mac For PowerBooks and iBooks with an IDE hard drive, all you need is a standard CF-to-IDE adapter and a UDMA CF card, preferably on over 266x.

Verbatim Black USB-C Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader (99236). Compare Staples 16774 USB Card Reader/Writer, Mac & PC.

Compact flash reader for pc
Have you tried formatting on the iMac?
Put the flash card in your reader and plug it in.
Go to 'applications' --- 'utilities' and select 'disk utility'.
You should be able to see your compact flash card. It's important that you take the very top name and select it (the one that says how big it is). Move over to the 'erase' tab and select from the 'volume format' section; 'ms-dos'. Select erase....
You should be able to make the disk work for both Mac and Windows by doing this. If this does not work, then there could potentially be a problem with your card.
Good luck!
Best compact flash card reader for macbook pro

Compact Flash Usb Card Reader

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