Drive Eraser For Mac

Posted : admin On 1/31/2022

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Drive Eraser For Mac

Hard Drive Eraser Software is an advantageous data deletion utility that helps users to delete data without worries it can also be recovered later on. This protects identity and prevents any misuse of information on the disk. Space is overwritten by different patterns. Here we have provided a reviewed list of the best hard drive erasing software that will efficiently do the trick.

  1. Choose the right version of Super Eraser to permanently erase data on PC, Mac or storage media. It is the ultimate solution for permanently erasing hard drive data, erasing Mac data, erasing files or folders on Windows or Mac.
  2. File eraser Mac utility to wipe selected files, folders or data from the entire hard drive on Mac OSX. The software contains powerful wiping algorithms in it and ensures permanent erasing of data, beyond the scope of data recovery. Wipes Hard Drive – This Mac hard disk eraser software can help you wipe your entire Mac hard drive in a single step.


Active killdisk

EraserHard drive erasers

The software is extremely easy to use and download which deletes & destroys all data on hard disks, SSDs and USBs in a very efficient manner. These are virtually non-recoverable, making the software a drive sanitizing tool and partition eraser utility. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux & DOS systems.



DBAN is data wiping software which automatically deletes the contents of any hard disk it detects. Thus, the data would be deleted before the computer is recycled. This is a commonly used Windows OS software. The interface is extremely user-friendly and protects identity theft with the smart deleting utilities.

SDelete v2.0

The software is a command line utility and allows users to delete one or many files & directories. The software allows users to cleanse space on logical disks. SDelete handles files using defragmentation API. The software uses various wild characters as part of the directory or file specified. The software supports all popular Windows file systems, NTFS, Fat, Fat32.

Hard Disk Eraser For Other Platforms
Disk Wipe

This free software runs on Windows OS and is used for permanent data deletion purposes. With the use of the software, one can successively delete all the data on the drive without any chance of its recovery. This prevents any theft of information and space is filled in with random binary data entries. The software is portable and doesn’t need any installation.


The software is Linux compatible and completely erases data leaving it unrecoverable. The software uses military grade wiping technology that ensures complete destruction of data & space is filled in with military approved patterns that prevent any data recovery. Malware & viruses can efficiently clean out using the software.

Disk Wiper

Disk Wiper is an excellent hard disk erasing software for Macintosh 10.7 & higher. The software can clean out entire hard disks, portions of the disk or the free space in the disk. The software efficiently deletes files with minimal effect on the system and management of files on your disk can be done with more precision with the use of the software.


Most Popular Hard Disk Eraser Software – Eraser

This software is an advanced security tool and runs on Windows OS that completely deletes data from your disk by overwriting it with selective patterns. Unlike other hard disk erasers, eraser allows the user retrieve data before it is overwritten using disk maintenance utility. The software works with a scheduler that is easily customizable. You can also see Data Destruction Software

What is Hard Disk Eraser Software?

Eraser For Mac Free

Hard Disk erasing software is an excellent utility that allows users to delete and free up space on hard disks, SSDs and USBs. Sometimes, when data is manually deleted, they can be recovered. If this data is acquired by someone else there can be identity theft and it can be misused as well.

Thus, Hard Disk Eraser software destroys any data on the disk and overwrites the disk with random binary data which has nothing to do with the originally stored data. As the software is available for various OS, users can avail the advantages of the software on all platforms.

Use Hard Disk Eraser Software for efficient deletion of all data from hard disks without any fear of anyone else recovering your crucial & important information. Eradication of viruses and malware can also be done with the use of the software that will increase system performance.

Drive Wipe Machine

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