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  1. Plus, you also have to ensure everyone has a good job and leads a happy life with no problems what-so-ever. For casual gamers, this is one of the best free Mac games. Download These are the Best Free Games for Mac. Well, that rounds up our list of the 15 best Mac games you should try.
  2. Play match 3 games, online matching puzzle games free for kids - preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary age children, with no download: Match 3 game for PC, Mac, fun games to help increase & improve concentration, activity for little children (girls and boys), good new online games for elementary students.
  3. Swap gems, pieces of fruit or beautiful blossoms to create matches of three or more, make matches to clear obstacles and underlying tiles, and collect materials for building a garden, a castle or an entire city! A good match 3 game will entertain you for hours, so download one today!

Collido is a fun and family-friendly matching game for young kids where you have to eliminate blocks from a large grid by finding matches of 3 or more of the same color. Each block has a cute little face on it, and their facial expressions change as you find matches and eliminate other blocks. There are no tricks or special moves, just good, old-fashioned matching fun!

Free online games for mac

Save your favorite games. Interact with other gamers. Play Massive Multiplayer Online Games! Compete and win awards. Bubble Shooter Games. Jigsaw Puzzle Games. Detective Games. Addictive puzzle match 3 free game by Various levels, a lot of bonuses, excellent graphics and melodious music catch you into this game for a long. Collect three or more figures of the same color into horizontal or vertical line and they will disappear. If there is a stone slab under these figures it will be destroyed.

This unusual online matching activity will really test your quick reactions as you try to eliminate as many blocks as you can to progress. Your observation skills will also be tested as some of the colors are similar – but not quite the same. Ok Match Master, let’s see if you can smash that high score record! Good luck.

How to Play: There are two different game modes – Puzzle and Arcade. In Puzzle Mode, your goal is to remove as many blocks as possible in each level. Once there are no more matches left, you progress to the next level. In Arcade Mode, blocks are replenished from the top of the grid each time you make a match, so you have to keep going until there are no possible matches remaining.

For a legitimate match to be made, three or more blocks must be touching each other in a vertical or horizontal direction (or both). As a hint, if you hover your computer mouse over a potential match of 3 or more blocks – the blocks that touch and match fade slightly, and their smiley grins turn to funny frowns. Left Click to remove this matching group from the grid. You can see your score in the top right hand corner of the game screen. Keep trying both game modes until you get your ultimate top score on both.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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Block removal 'match 3 or more' game with a strategic twist! Wrong Block is a challenging and unusual match 3, 4 or more puzzle and treasure hunt-style game where you must remove singular colored blocks which prevent neighboring blocks from forming identical, adjacent matching groups of three or more. This is a quirky departure from normal matching puzzles where you usually swap or move blocks to make matches.

Playing against the clock, your ultimate task in each level is to move all of the pieces of a special artifact (shown to you at the beginning of the level) to the very bottom row of the grid. To do this, you must remove ‘Wrong Blocks’ as quickly and strategically as possible.

Skills required: In this fun, grid-based, point-and-click puzzle, good focus, concentration, observation skills, great determination and a sense of urgency are essential. You must carefully and methodically scan the grid in an attempt to create matching groups that would be advantageous to eliminate. Fast reactions and accurate mouse clicking skills are also important, especially against the pressure of the ticking clock!

How to Play: A Flash-based, match 3 puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 12 progressively-tricky levels, your task is to maneuver individual pieces of a special artifact (shown to you at the beginning of the level) to the bottom of the game grid before the clock runs out. When these pieces of the special artifact reach the bottom row (through freeing up of space below them), they fall out of the grid and are displayed on the game screen as your treasured price. When you extract all of the special artifact pieces (usually gold / blue colored pieces), you progress to the next level. Gemstones can also be moved down and extracted to further boost your points total.

However, artifact pieces and gemstones can only be moved by creating and eliminating groups of three or more identical blocks from around them. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, left click on a ‘Wrong Block’ to remove it from the grid. A Wrong Block is a singular colored block that is preventing blocks around it from forming an adjacent matching group of three or more. When you hover your mouse cursor over a valid ‘wrong block’, the blocks of a possible matching group around it glow brightly. When you click and eliminate a wrong block, the subsequently-created matching group also disappears from the play area. This can create a chain reaction of more matching groups which self-eliminate.

Match 3 Games Online No Registration Or Download

Free match 3 online games for mac download

Free Full Games For Mac

Tip: Try not to be distracted by creating and eliminating groups for the sake of it. Try to methodically make sure your eliminated groups are causing artifact pieces or gemstones to move toward the bottom of the grid.

Free Online Games For Mac To Download

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.