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MAC may refer to any of the following:

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Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/B 11.6in Widescreen LED Backlit HD Laptop, Intel Dual-Core i5 up to 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, HD Camera, USB 3.0, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, Mac OS X (Renewed). The MacBook Pro is for the demanding user who wants a portable computer that also performs well. MacBook Pro models sit at the top of the performance chart of Mac laptops. What are the specifications? Whether you plan to use your Mac for school, work, entertainment or everyday use, the right software can make your life easier and more productive. From business and office software to music, photo and video editing to finance and tax software, you can create, edit, organize and discover new ways to.

1. Short for medium access control, or MAC address. Known as a physical address and hardware address whose number is uniquely formatted in hexadecimal format and given to each computer or network device on a computer network. The addresses are usually assigned by the hardware manufacturer, and these ID's are considered burned into the firmware of the network access hardware. Because of this process, some vendors use specific formats in the hardware address. Below is an example of a MAC address.

Mac Computers For Gaming

Because a MAC address is a unique address, devices on a network do not share the same MAC address.


Because of the potential of tracking wireless devices by using a MAC address, many manufacturers (e.g., Apple, Google, and Microsoft) generate random MAC addresses.

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Mac Computers For Nonprofits

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Mac Computers For Sale Near Me

  • Network and network card help and support.

2. A Mac is also an abbreviation used to describe Macintosh, a line of personal computers created by Apple.

Mac Computers For Sale Cheap

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