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Posted : admin On 2/1/2022
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Spyder (short for the Scientific Python Development Environment) is another free and open-source Python IDE. Its main characteristics are: Spyder was created by Pierre Raybaut in 2009. Spyder is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Spyder is distributed with Anaconda. So, when you install Anaconda, you have Spyder as well. Installers are available for the latest Python 3 and Python 2 releases that will work on all Macs that run Mac OS X 10.5 and later. Python releases include IDLE, Python's built-in interactive development environment. If you download and install Python from the release page, you may also need to download and install a newer version of Tcl/Tk for.

Greetings everybody.
I'm creating this post to get some guidance in regards to Python programming on MacOS with VoiceOver.

Recently I decided to learn this programming language , and since I also recently purchased a MacBook Pro I wanted to make the best use of it and do some coding. Unfortunately I have yet to find an efficient way to do this.

So far I download the Python package from the Python website:

Python Code Editor For Mac

But when I tried to use IDLE (which as far as I understand s the IDE that comes with it by default) and tried to use it as the course I'm taking explains, I notice that the text on IDLE is not been read by VoiceOver .

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Also I downloaded XCode because I founded a tutorial on how to use Python on it. I tried to do it but of course since it made by a sighted person it is kind of hard to follow. I was able to do it to a certain extend but and stuck at this moment.

Mac Os Ide For Python

Os X Python Ide

That is why I'm reaching you guys, to get some feedback and also maybe some suggestion on how to do this because I'm really interested in doing this.

Best regards.


Long days and pleasant nights.