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Puffin Secure Browser checks your requests to access a website by performing DNS queries on a secure network of servers around the globe. Our DNS service leverages threat intelligence from the industry’s leading cyber security companies to determine whether a website is known to include malware or other security threats. Safari has been Apple's Web browser for many years, and the company keeps making improvements to it at regular intervals. Originally designed to be a Web browser with the Mac OS look and feel. Download Puffin Browser Pro For PC – Free Download (Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS X) with the latest version of v100,000+. It is developed by CloudMosa, Inc. And is one of the best free Android App in Communication App category.

Before 2018, the Puffin Browser product family was only available on mobile devices. Starting from 2018, Puffin Browser released a desktop version, Puffin Secure Browser for Windows. In May 2019, Puffin Secure Browser for Mac OS was released. As of October 24, 2018, the Puffin Browser has reached over 50 million users on Android. XScope is a powerful set of tools for Mac OS X that are ideal for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts.

Torch browser is a chromium based Web browser and internet suite, developed by Torch Media. Torch browser offers enormously great features. Torch browser also has the same internet related tasks like displaying different websites, sharing these sites via social networks, Downloading torrents and also grab online media… read more

#1 Pale Moon


Pale Moon is a web browser that comes into existence for faster, private and more secure web browsing. It offers an official release for Microsoft Windows and Linux but an unofficial release for iOS and Mac OS X. This web browser is available for various platforms. Its functionality is much similar to the Mozilla Firefox, and it is a fork of Mozilla Firefox. It is an open source web browser and a Goanna based browser for different platforms including Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is an efficient software with decent functionalities. Its features are selected carefully to improve the resource use, speed, stability and user experience. It consists of a variety of themes. The user has the control to change the theme by customizing it. The user has a choice to select the theme suitable for him from the house of themes that it offers. It is based on Firefox and is optimized in a way to support the Firefox functions. It is a lightweight software that improves the working of the internet on your devices such as Laptops and PCs.

#2 Waterfox


Waterfox is a free, open and private web browser. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux Operating Systems, Mac OS X, and Android. It is an open source web browser having Mozilla Firefox platform created by Alex Kontos. It is a high-performance web browser that comes o=into existence for 64-Bit systems. It is a web browser that offers extraordinary speed to the user. Waterfox has its fame over the user due to its speed feature. It offers one of the most robust compilers that is responsible for the fastest possible web browsing. It has more than 6,000,000 downloads in more than 180 countries. Its default search engine is Ecosia. It is a lightweight web browser and does not effect on the speed of your PC. Waterfox has many features that include Disabled encrypted media extensions, removed pocket, removed telemetry, removed data collection, and removed startup profiling. It allows running of all 64-Bit NPAPI plugins and running of unsigned extensions. Waterfox is one of first widely used 64-Bit web browser over the internet and gained a loyal following in no time.

#3 Puffin


Puffin web browser free is an Internet browser with significant benefits, compared to competing apps of web browsers, are speed and ideal support for flash that comes with it. That’s right: with this browser, you can run pages (or games) in a flash, which means you can watch any video or perform any flash game without difficulty directly from your browser. The only drawback is that, based on the website in question, the device might slow down a bit. But, of course, this is better than nothing.

Puffin Web Browser Free is a speedy web browser with a high tab system and also the option to block pop-ups automatically. It also features a keyboard, mouse, and virtual gamepad so you can take complete advantage of your skill to play flash games. Just click on the corresponding button and activate it at the end of the screen. Puffin Web Browser is an unusual web browser because loading pages in a flash with all that includes multimedia material is a superb feature for any Android and iOS user.

#4 PirateBrowser


PirateBrowser is a fast and secure web browser whose main purpose is to overcome the restrictions that are implemented by the Government on a certain website. It is an open source web browser. It is a lightweight software which is easy to download and use. It consists of Mozilla Firefox source code. Once you launch PirateBrowser, it automatically connects you to the Tor network. It is available on many platforms. It is a bundle package for the Firefox portable browser and Tor client. It is an Internet Browser by the Pirate Bay. 10 August 2013 was the date of broadcast of this web browser. It is available on Microsoft Windows. It has an attractive interface for the user that’s why it has a huge number of users. PirateBrowser is a web browser that let you access the censored sites. It is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and some other device.

#5 SeaMonkey


SeaMonkey is an open source, fast and free internet suite. SeaMonkey web browser is an application software that provides all in one Internet Application Suite. It demands the ram similar to Mozilla. This a very popular software among users due to its amazing speed. It has some features that include internet browsing, HTML editor, newspaper and email client, web developer, and cooperates user, IRC users. It offers a protection shield for the user so that you can protect your online stuff and web surfing for the 3rd party trackers, hackers, and other ISPs. It is a product that comes into the market by Mozilla Firefox. It is available in 26 languages including English, French, Spanish and much more. Mozilla has decided to offer some standalone projects; then they made this internet suite which is based on the same source code. It is available on many devices including Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Blackberry and some other devices.

#6 Midori


Midori is an open source and fast web browser. Midori offers fast web browsing without slowing down the device you use. It works efficiently on any device. Its custom rendering engine is WebKit and GTK+2 (or optionally GTK=3) interface. It is also a component of Xfec Desktop Environment. It has many useful features that include integration via GTK+3 and GTK+2 support, offers tab windows and session management, configurable web search, bookmark management, user subscripts and user style support. Midori also provides a customizable and extensible interface, and extension modules are available in C and Vala. It also supports HTML5, and also gives International domain names support. Midori offers smart bookmarks. You may adjust the speed dial in the way you want. It also provides the feature of private browsing. It is also a great web browser for security and privacy issues and allows its users to search via DuckDuckGo by default. Midori is a Japanese word having meaning Green. It is the default web browser for the SliTaz Linux Operating systems, Trisquel Mini, Watt Operating Systems in its R5 release, Bodhi Linux. It is also a default web browser for Elementary Operating Systems Freya and some old versions of Raspbian.

#7 Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser is a free browser for iOS and Android operating systems developed by MoboTap. Dolphin Browser is available on iPad, iPhone, Android and other desktop appliances. It offers Tabbed Browsing through which users’ by using multiple taps can open and switch between web pages, Dolphin Sonar (this feature has a capability of doing a thing on your voice commands), it also provides search, navigates and share by shaking your phone. It also has features like Sync and webzine. Dolphin Browser’s home screen gives access to your most visited and favorite web apps in a single tap. You can create a group of your favorite sites with a simple drag and drop options. It also provides web app store through which a user can access all of the new web application. You have an option of choosing from more than 200 web apps like Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more. It offers some cool features such as ad-block, video downloader, etc. It is 5 to 10 times faster than your default web browser and two times faster than chrome. It also offers some great privacy tools that help you in securing your web content, data and history from ISPs and 3rd party trackers.

#8 SlimBrowser


SlimBrowser is a modified form of Internet Explorer. SlimBrowser is a fast, secure and powerful web browser for Windows in term of time-saving. It is a lightweight web browser that does not slow down your PC. It has a fast start-up, fast web browsing, 20x faster photo upload and 10x faster video and file download. It is so convenient and efficient to use. It saves much of your time for browsing data. It is a powerful and versatile web browser that has many smart features. It is a tabbed multiple-site web browser. SlimBrowser is a web browser from FlashPeak that uses Microsoft Trident Layout Engine. It has a great and huge list of features. It provides a secure and protected atmosphere to the user for the browsing of the web. It offers an online scan for viruses. Its major features include auto form filler, password manager, ultra-fast download manager, instant photo upload, one click Facebook integration. It also blocks ads with ads blocker and popups with popup blocker. It provides weather forecasting and weather conditions, web page and text translation. It can open multiple sites as site group. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and BlackBerry.

#9 Epic


Epic (Electronic Privacy Information Centre), is one of the securest web browsers that protects your web browsing material from the third party. It is the first web browser for India. It is one of the best-protected web browsers that protects its user from more than six hundred tracking attempts in a regular browsing session. Epic is free and installed in minutes. It is easy to use and download. It has a built-in Virtual Private Network that protects your browsing data from hackers ISPS, and other third party trackers. It also protects you on a public Wi-Fi. It gives full safety with the encrypted proxy turned on. You can download videos and other audio files from Youtube, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo and several others. It has a built-in encrypted proxy that protects your data, let you access blocked sites from anywhere in the world, and ideas your location. It has millions of users due to its amazing security features. It is available on Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 and later), and Mac OS X, etc.

#10 Brave


Brave is a freemium based web browser that is a fast, secure and light browser. It is hard to say about this web browser because most of its work is in practice. Brench Eich was the honor of this web browser, who is a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. He is the man who created Javascript also. Brave litigated that the web browser will run two to four time faster than rest of the other web browsers dealing on smartphones and other handsets, and almost 50 percent faster than matchable desktop offerings. IT also claims to bittern the online privacy by sharing less amount of data with the advertising customers. It is also an open source and Chromium based web browser. It currently is in Beta testing for iOS, Windows, Android, MacOS and Linux. Its new version can block ads and trackers. It ensures your security on a high level and makes it safer. It gives its user the option to remove ads or not. It blocks ads that can slow down the performance of your device. It provides a shield against hackers, malware encountered advertisement and 3rd party trackers.

#11 Vivaldi


Vivaldi is an open source, free and fast software. It offers high-speed web browsing for its users. It is a light web browser. Vivaldi is an adamant browser with a never-ended list of productive or useful features. Vivaldi will help you in managing your tabs better, browser smarter, and navigate faster. Some of its significant features include Visual tabs (it will expand tabs bar to get a preview of your open tabs), Rewind (turn to the 1st page you visited the site), Notes (takes notes while linking and browsing them to a particular site. It also offers Side panel (it enables you to access quickly on your notes, bookmarks, and downloads), If you are seeking for a robust web browser with a lot of unique features that helps you optimizing your web experience, Vivaldi would be an excellent choice for you. It is a fully customized web browser that helps you browsing your stuff easily and quickly. It also secures your web content as well, so that they become protected from an unauthorized authority.

#12 Maxthon


Maxthon is a powerful web browser that helps users make their online activates securely and is trusted by more than 670,000,000 users from all over the world. There are various excellent features of this app that have all the valuable and the essential stuff that is loved by users. It is a super-fast app having dual rendering engines which lets you move freely throughout the web page. Its super-clean app does not contain ads, killing floating windows, pop-up notifications, and banners which irritates or disturbs you. This app evaluates your browsing experience, enjoy faster web pages without being annoyed with any disruption. Its incognito mood lets you go anywhere on the internet without leaving your trace. Its night mode lets you read more comfortably at night or in dim light. Maxthon enables you to store all of your notes and clipped content right from the web, and it guards all your accounts, private items, and passwords efficiently. You can easily control and collect all of your hot and handy sites, save your mobile data, and lot more.

#13 Safari


Safari only supports the Apple Mac or other Apple devices, but if you have an Apple handset or some other appliance, then you love to use this software. This software has a lot of functionality and features. It is a very fast and speedy web browser than others. It seems to be faster than Chrome or Firefox in most scenarios due to some of its unique features. These features include Compatible security features, fast browsing, and lightweight. These features make it a great alternative for Apple Mac. It works so smoothly on these sort of Operating systems. Safari is not so close to the Google, so you can be fully secured by using all its tools and built-in features. It is quite light, estimated to be lighter than the Chrome and Firefox, but it works perfectly on even older MAC operating systems. It is not too customized, so you have to focus on or accept what it offers. Safari is compatible with Mac OS X and iOS. Safari’s extensions are only available from the Apple Website. It is a great web browser for iPhone, iPad, and other apple appliances.

#14 Opera

Puffin Browser Download


Opera is a widely used web browser that proves to be one of the best web browsers. It is chromium based, that’s the reason it finds to have many features, settings and other options related to Chrome. There is a lot of users who use this web browser. Opera is lighter than other web browsers and ultimate resource friendly with navigation tools. Opera has a specialty of having a “Turbo Mode” that is not offered by other web browsers. That’s the feature that makes it much differ from other web browsers. All the data which is accessing through opera is decreased and compressed in its size when this mode is enabled. This feature provides faster loading time by using fewer internet data. In spite of this, it also has some other features too. These includes Privacy and Security, Usability and accessibility and standard support. Opera offers a fast speed web browsing. Opera is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. Opera also introduced a built-in ad blocker, free Virtual Private Network (VPN) and battery saver.

#15 Firefox


Firefox is a fast personal and smart web browser. It is the independent browser made by Mozilla. It is a fabulously amazing app trusted by millions of people, and they can easily use this app on their mobile phone devices, laptops, personal computer, and other portable devices. It intuitively allows multiple suggested and previously searched results and anticipates your needs across your favorite search engines. This browser is on a mission to flight for your online rights and delivers a more protection atmosphere to minimize your worry regarding your security. It efficiently keeps the ads and tracker away from you. It provides faster browsing along with the customizable search defaults and smart sharing as well. It brings on the Ad blockers, security tools, videos downloaders, and much more. It lets you Sync between devices which efficiently get your tabs, bookmarks, history, and logins on the go. Firefox provides easy access to your top sites, Add-ons for everything, quick share, and lot more.

#16 Google Chrome


Everyone was happy when Google decided to release a new internet browser; it’s named: Google Chrome. Google declared it was simple, fast, and extremely usable. So Google Chrome is the web browser of Google Inc. It’s the most extensive web browser being used all over the world. Google Chrome is also ahead regarding security. It’ll alert you if you attempt to access hazardous websites. It’s quick as well as clean, and the colors provided offers you a good feeling when using it.

Run apps in new tabs, open as many tabs as you wish, visit a list of the most visited websites, and also access them just clicking their thumbnails. Google Chrome is also available for smartphones that allow the users to browse anything securely in a highly efficient as well as speed environment. Other features of Google Chrome are synchronized across devices, save information, voice search, translate system, user-friendly features, and much more.

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#17 UC Browser


UC is a web browser that’s available for almost all types of mobile phones. UC Web browser allows users to watch online videos and also stream online digital media content in a quick and also secure environment. The available attributes of UC Browser are fast and also reliable, ad-block system, Facebook mode, built-in downloader, night mode, and many others.

Some of the most important features offered by the browser are motion control to use for different functions by gesturing on the screen, the opportunity to quickly switch from one tab to another, and also the ability to look for anything using voice commands. UC Browser is a competent browser that, despite having some pretty useful features, is still lacking when compared to the best Android and iOS browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin Browser. With time and updates, however, it’ll continue to enhance and will soon be even with all of them.

#18 Opera Mini

Puffin Browser For Mac Os X 10.12


Opera Mini is a robust, secure, and fastest web browser. It’s built-in with almost all those functions, which are assumed to be crucial for a better browsing experience. Opera Mini is a particular web browser for mobile by the Opera Browser. Opera Mini performs almost on the majority of phones and allows the users to save their data limit for free. This web browser utilizes Opera servers to compress websites to load all of them more speedily, which is also helpful for saving cash on your data plan (if you use 3G).

Although Opera Mini’s user interface isn’t especially pretty or elegant, it compensates with this by providing some new functions and superb functionality. It is simple to zoom in by grabbing the screen, and many tactile shortcuts make browsing easier. Thanks to the Opera Link service, you can synchronize your bookmarks, shortcuts, and general settings, so they are the same on your desktop computer and on your mobile device, which is very useful for those who move around often.

More About Torch browser

Puffin Browser For Mac Os Xp

Torch browser is a chromium based Web browser and internet suite, developed by Torch Media. Torch browser offers enormously great features. Torch browser also has the same internet related tasks like displaying different websites, sharing these sites via social networks, Downloading torrents and also grab online media. It is a commercial freeware stuff than can be easily downloaded from the internet. It is based typically on chromium source code. It is also compatible with all add-ons and extensions which can get though Chromium store. Torch announced that it have exceeds from more than 10 Million active users. Torch browser has a built-in Torrent that allows users to download torrent files so that the user can directly share audios, videos, sites and search results on their accounts (as on Facebook and Twitter). It also offers a free social music discovery media service that organizes youtube videos. Torch browser also includes the ability to download Vine and Instagram with a single click. Torch browser offers faster delivery of files as compared to Chrome. These outstanding functions make it a unique web browser.

Mortal Kombat Mac OS X Best Side-scrolling Fighting Game free. download full Version. Hy friends today am going to share with you another best Game . So, if you are looking Mortal Kombat Game for Mac OS X. And before from mac, You have already enjoyed on Windows Version of Mortal Kombat Games. So, Today I think that why not if I share Mortal Kombat Games For Mac Os user.

So, as we know that, Mortal Kombat is a side-scrolling fighting game created in 1992 by the four-person company Midway Games and released initially as an arcade. Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise. The all-new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. The new graphics engine showcasing every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, brings you so close to the fight you can feel it.

Puffin Browser Download Windows 10

And featuring a roster of new and returning Klassic Fighters, Mortal Kombat’s best in class cinematic story mode continues the epic saga over 25 years in the making. Thanks to its huge success, the game was ported to many other home platforms, computers, and consoles. The game is famous for its use of digitized actors instead of bitmap graphics like Street Fighter II, and also for the violence and copious amounts of blood. It was initially planned to feature a digitized version of martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme. When that plan fell through, the developers decided to add Johnny Cage, a parody on Van Damme. Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that was created to be realistic.

The characters, which have some basis in Chinese mythology, each have an individual fight and ending moves. The launch of Mortal Kombat for the Super NES, Genesis, and Game Gear by Acclaim Entertainment in 1993 was one of the most significant video game launches of the time. The date of September 13, 1993, was called the “Mortal Monday.” In 1994 the game was also ported to Amiga, DOS, and other home computers. The love of the game has led to many sequels, movies still quoted over a decade later, and comics. Mortal Kombat is still popular enough that the tournaments are featured on television. So, if you need this game then, follow the link below and download it.

Puffin Web Browser For Mac Os X

The Features of Mortal Kombat Mac OS X:

  1. Accessible to used and user-friendly interface.
  2. Easy to understand and easy to Play.
  3. HD Graphics.
  4. Clear Voice.
  5. We have supported almost All Mac OS Version.

How to Download and Install Mortal Kombat Game into macOS:


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  1. First of all, Click on the below red Download button and shift on download Page.
  2. On Download Page, you will have Download links and other Instruction.
  3. Please follow the steps by step guideline and Installed your Software into your Windows or MacOSX.
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