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Replay Media Catcher for Mac is a Shareware software in the category Audio & Multimedia developed by Applian Technologies. The latest version of Replay Media Catcher for Mac is 2.2.5, released on. It was initially added to our database on. Replay Media Catcher for Mac runs on the following operating systems: Mac. Replay Media Catcher 6: Compatible with Windows 10 with the exception of the audio recorder in the Edge browser. Audio recording works fine from IE, Chrome and Firefox. Replay Music 7: Compatible with Windows 10 with the exception. Replay Media Catcher for Mac; Replay Music; Replay Music for Mac; Replay Video Capture. By alphabr in forum Replay Media Catcher Replies: 2 Last Post:.

Welcome to Replay Media Catcher for Mac

Replay Media Catcher for Mac is the easiest, most advanced streaming media recording technology ever created. Once monitoring, Replay Media Catcher will save video and audio files from thousands of web sites as they play on your Mac. These files can be transferred to other devices like your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or burned to a CD or DVD disc, or used in other applications like iMovie.

Using Replay Media Catcher for Mac is as easy as clicking the monitoring switch from to . Replay Media Catcher for Mac will then monitor your incoming network connections for media. As you surf the internet with your favorite browser, when media is identified, it will be saved. Here's how it works. Replay Media Catcher locates the web address of the media file, reconnects to the host server, and makes an exact copy of the file on your Mac. Typically, this download process is much faster than actually playing the file. Replay Media Catcher also can make multiple simultaneous connections to further speed up the capture process. For example, download music from Pandora and videos from YouTube at the same time. Once the download process starts, you can close the video or audio player, and the file will continue to be captured.

Note: Some web sites use encryption when streaming video. Replay Media Catcher cannot download these encrypted streams.

These streaming protocols are supported in Replay Media Catcher for Mac:

Streamed via HTTP download on port 80, 81, 82, 83 and 8080:

  • FLV
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • WMX
  • Real Audio
  • Real Video
  • ASF
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • DIVX

Streamed via RTMP on ports 1935 and 443:

  • FLV
  • MP4

Overview and Use

How to Start Recording:

When you open Replay Media Catcher you will be asked if you would like to start monitoring the network activity on your Mac for recording:

Replay Media Catcher also features a URL downloader bar, where you manually enter the URL address of the video file you want to download and press the GET button or hit enter/return.

Converting Video and Audio

Replay Media Catcherr can automatically convert captured media files to other formats. The default setting is Default Conversion. This is best if you would like everything that you download to be easily playable on your Mac. For example, it converts downloaded FLV’s to .mov files that play perfectly in Quicktime. Or simply pick a conversion type that is specific to the device that you will be playing the media on.

You can also convert a file after it has been captured. Here’s how:

  • Change the output format in the Conversion drop-down list at the bottom of the main window.
  • Right-click the file to make the options menu appear.
  • Select Convert from the pop-up menu.
  • Notice you can also choose to convert your selection to an audio file right from the same right-click menu.

Add Recordings to iTunes

The Add to iTunes option becomes available if you have selected an iTunes compatible device format in the conversion drop-down. For example, if you have selected iPad and add to iTunes, captured files will be converted to the best format for your iPad, and sent directly to your iTunes library.

Now just sync your iPad! This also works great for Apple TV. Send those converted files to iTunes, and enjoy the show on your TV.

Replay Media Catcher For Mac

How to Play Captured Files


Once a file has been saved and converted, it is easy to play:

  • Right-click the file for the options menu to appear.
  • Select Play. Replay Media Catcher will open the file in the default player for that file type.

Hint: Use Preferences, Downloads to see or change folder where your saved recordings reside.

Preferences: Customizing Replay Media Catcher


he Preferences are accessible via the main menu under Replay Media Catcher -> Preferences....


  • Prompt to Start Monitoring at startup: If checked, show the welcome window and wait to begin monitoring for media. If not checked, Replay Media Catcher will automatically start monitoring when opened.
  • Check for Updates on Startup: Will check to see if there is a new version available to download.
  • Show Replay Media Catcher in menu bar: Turns on or off the display of the Replay Media Catcher icon and menu in the OSX menu bar.
  • Enable Growl support: Growl is used to discreetly show you when a stream has been detected and is downloading or completed. You can turn this on or off.
  • Play sound when download finishes or start/stop monitoring: Enables audio feedback
  • Automatically add to iTunes: Will add all iTunes compatible downloads to your iTunes library when they are finished downloading and converting
  • Enable debug mode: Use this only when requested by technical support. It generates a more detailed log if you should need help.
  • Find Log File: This is very helpful. If you are submitting a tech support ticket, we can help you better if you attach your log file.


  • Download location: Set the folder where you’d like Replay Media Catcher to keep your downloaded media.
  • Minimum Download Size: Specifies the smallest file that is saved. Many times when recording, small Flash animations or advertisement files can be captured by Replay Media Catcher. You can increase the size if you discover you are getting too many unwanted files.
  • Minimum Duration: Specifies the shortest length of time a file can run for without being discarded.


  • Simultaneous Downloads: The is the maximum number of downloads happening at any one time.
  • Always Record HTTP: When checked, HTTP streams will be recorded rather than downloaded.
  • Always Record RTMP: When checked, RTMP streams will be recorded rather than downloaded.
  • Filter Known Advert Servers: Will stop advertisements from known servers from downloading.


  • Conversion Location: Set the folder that you would like Replay Media Catcher to save your converted files.
  • Multi Core Conversions: If enabled will use additional CPU cores (if available). This can result in faster conversions, but uses more processing power.


This dialog shows the HTTP content types that Replay Media Catcher recognizes, and what extension it adds to the saved file. You will only need to change this if you are technically savvy, and a new media type is discovered.

  • Ignore Shockwave Flash: Leave this checked if you want Replay Media Catcher to ignore SWF files like flash banner ads
  • Max number of segments: When Replay Media Catcher begins a download, it asks for different parts of the media simultaneously. This effectively speeds up the downloading process. If you find that too much network bandwidth is being used, reduce this number. Increasing this to more than 5 segments won’t speed up downloads though.
  • Minimum Segment size: Lets you determine how big the smallest segments to download should be. For example, if this is set to 300 Kb, and the size of the video to be downloaded is 300 Kb, then a single request will be used. For smaller media files, downloading with a single request is faster than using multiple segments.

Replay Media Catcher 8 Download

The Replay Video Capture is the high-speed on-screen video recorder that allows you to turn anything you see on your computer screen into a high-quality video file you can play anywhere.

Having to say that, the Replay Video Capture software is the best way to record and produces quality videos from different sources such as:

  • ANY video and movie sites, using ANY streaming protocol (including copy-protected video)
  • CD/DVD’s or any movies that play on your computer or laptop
  • Webcam sites (such as webinars, online tutorials/meetings, video conferencing, etc)
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Video Chat/Live Messenger sessions
  • And any other videos you can’t copy using other methods.

Those hard-to-record sources are mostly unable to do it with just one application. So, instead of buying several programs to cater to your needs, you just need the Replay Video Capture 9 as this latest version comes with several new improvements.

The following are my personal experience after using the Replay Video Capture 9 program. The unbias review that I write here is 100% honest and I added some of the great features of the software.

Special Note: Many adult sites use copy-protected video streams, which means that Replay Video Capture is the only way to record them. If the sites are unprotected, Replay Media Catcher is recommended, as you’ll get a perfect reproduction of the original video stream.

Also see: How to Rip Protected DVD Movies?

What Are the Great Features of The Replay Video Capture v9?

The following are the features that you can expect from Replay Video Capture 9:

¨ Setting up a recording is quick and easy and it can captures video from ANY online source.

Replay Media Catcher For Mac Desktop

¨ It records ANY web video with super high quality (up to 100 frames per second).

¨ This latest version allows Background mode to capture video even you hide the video or cover it with another window.

¨ The application records DVD’s playing on your PC into other file formats.

¨ Ideal for capture webcam sites including webinars, Skype video calls, video chat sessions and make PowerPoint files to videos.

¨ This screen recorder program allows you to choose between high-quality video, high-speed MPEG-2 files, or smaller Windows Media (WMV) files.

¨ Convenient to use and even can capture a portion of your screen. It also supports dual monitor setups.

¨ It’s convenient as the software is portable and it can be run from a USB/thumb drives eliminate the need to install on a PC.

¨ To schedule a recording, just open the program and web page, and start recording automatically according to the scheduled time.

¨ If you want to buy the Replay Video Capture now, you can get them on sale through this link.

Once you purchase a copy of the Replay Video Capture program, you will be given a link to download the software and the Replay Video Capture serial number also provided. You need to insert the serial code in order to make the program fully functional and 100% legal.

How to Use the Replay Video Capture?

It’s easy. Whatever shows on your computer screen it will record video and sound, it’s that simple! The recording quality is awesome hi-definition video and sound. After recording it automatically saves the video to your computer. I bet you will totally thrilled with this software.

But before we really go into using the software, it’s good to know the minimum system requirements for the Replay Media Capture.

Here are the software’s recommended system requirements:

  • Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP-SP2 (Mac OK with Bootcamp or Parallels installed)
  • CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz minimum (dual-core recommended); 2.8 GHz single-core
  • RAM capacity: 512 MB or higher
  • Recommended: Sound Card with a recording line (Stereo Mix, Master Volume, Wave Out Mix, What U Hear or similar)

Now, before you can use the program, you need to install and change the necessary settings before it can be used. The process of installing the Replay Video capture is pretty simple.

Replay Media Catcher 8

To be honest, Replay Video Capture’s super-fast MPEG-2 codecs don’t bog down your computer CPU, so you won’t lose video frames or get choppy audio. These are preferred for high-motion video, or for use on slower PC’s.

For the audio track, this video capture software captures what you hear from your PC’s speakers by default. Or, you can choose to narrate using the microphone instead, which is great for PowerPoint presentations and software demos.

To discover more about how to use the software and the settings involved, download the manual here or watch the video below for a quick start guide.

To visit the official website of this capture software, click here!

Where Can You Get The Replay Video Capture Software At The Best Price?

Overall, the Replay Video Capture is a great software for video recording. Aside from its quality and high-tech features, it’s also affordable as compared to other similar media capture software. Just to let you know that this software is included in Replay Capture Suite, the 7-in-1 media download, capturing, and conversion suite.

So, are you ready for the video recorder to help you in capturing more movies? Where to get the application at the cheapest price?

Replay Media Catcher 7

That’s a really important question. You want to be sure that you’re getting a really best deal. But just to let you know that you can try the Replay video capture for free! With free demo mode, you can capture up to 2 minutes of video.

Replay Media Catcher For Mac Computers

If you decided to buy the software, Replay Video Capture comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. This turns your purchase into risk-free as if you are unhappy with the software, you can ask for a refund.

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