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What is a MAC Address?
Whether you work in a wired network office or a wireless one, one thing is common for both environments: It takes both network software and hardware (cables, routers, etc.) to transfer data from your computer to another—or from a computer thousands of miles away to yours.
And in the end, to get the data you want right to YOU, it comes down to addresses.
So not surprisingly, along with an IP address (which is networks software), there's also a hardware address. Typically it is tied to a key connection device in your computer called the network interface card, or NIC. The NIC is essentially a computer circuit card that makes it possible for your computer to connect to a network.
An NIC turns data into an electrical signal that can be transmitted over the network.
Hey Nick. Meet Mac.
Every NIC has a hardware address that's known as a MAC, for Media Access Control. Where IP addresses are associated with TCP/IP (networking software), MAC addresses are linked to the hardware of network adapters.
A MAC address is given to a network adapter when it is manufactured. It is hardwired or hard-coded onto your computer's network interface card (NIC) and is unique to it. Something called the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) translates an IP address into a MAC address. The ARP is like a passport that takes data from an IP address through an actual piece of computer hardware.
Once again, that's hardware and software working together, IP addresses and MAC addresses working together.
For this reason, the MAC address is sometimes referred to as a networking hardware address, the burned-in address (BIA), or the physical address. Here's an example of a MAC address for an Ethernet NIC: 00:0a:95:9d:68:16.
As you've probably noticed, the MAC address itself doesn't look anything like an IP address (see yours here). The MAC address is a string of usually six sets of two-digits or characters, separated by colons.
Some well-known manufacturers of network adapters or NICs are Dell, Belkin, Nortel and Cisco. These manufacturers all place a special number sequence (called the Organizationally Unique Identifier or OUI) in the MAC address that identifies them as the manufacturer. The OUI is typically right at the front of the address.
For example, consider a network adapter with the MAC address '00-14-22-01-23-45.' The OUI for the manufacture of this router is the first three octets—'00-14-22.' Here are the OUI for other some well-known manufacturers.
Dell: 00-14-22
Nortel: 00-04-DC
Cisco: 00-40-96
Belkin: 00-30-BD
It's common for the larger manufacturers of networking equipment to have more than one set of OUIs.
Networks and MAC addresses.
All devices on the same network subnet have different MAC addresses. MAC addresses are very useful in diagnosing network issues, such as problems with IP addresses.
MAC addresses are useful for network diagnosis because they never change, as opposed to a dynamic IP address, which can change from time to time. For a network administrator, that makes a MAC address a more reliable way to identify senders and receivers of data on the network.
Wireless Routers and MAC Filtering
On wireless networks, a process called MAC filtering is a security measure to prevent unwanted network access by hackers and intruders. In MAC address filtering, the router is configured to accept traffic only from specific MAC addresses. This way, computers whose MAC addresses are approved will be able to communicate through the network—even if they were given a new IP address by DHCP.
Meanwhile, a hacker who's hijacked a network IP address will be blocked because their MAC address will not be on the approved list and will be filtered out.
( Okay, now we'll see a plugin )
It was the pain that you put more of your script to block local
To anyone other than you can not use it

* Smarty plugin
* @package Smarty
* @subpackage plugins
* MAC Find plugin v1
* File name: function.macfind.php
* Name: MAC Find
* Date: 2014.07.23
* Examples: {macfind}
* @author : Ali Resalat (300) <[email protected]>
* @Yahoo ID : Mitooo.Mitooo
function smarty_function_macfind($params, &$smarty)
ob_start(); // Turn on output buffering
system('ipconfig /all'); //Execute external program to display output
$mycom=ob_get_contents(); // Capture the output into a variable
ob_clean(); // Clean (erase) the output buffer
$findme = 'Physical';
$pmac = strpos($mycom, $findme); // Find the position of Physical text
$mac=substr($mycom,($pmac+36),17); // Get Physical Address
echo $mac;
/* vim: set expandtab: */

A very simple example : {macfind}
Output : xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx Your mac address

The easy to use, hard drive diagnostic software.

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SMART Utility is an application to scan the hardware diagnostics system of hard drives. SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) is a system built into hard drives by their manufacturers to report on various measurements(called attributes) of a hard drive’s operation. The attributes can be used to detect when a hard drive is having mechanical or electrical problems, and can indicate when the hard drive is failing. SMART Utility can read and display these attributes. This allows time to hopefully backup, and then replace the drive. SMART Utility also allows running a drive’s built in self test, which can also indicate malfunctions on the drive.

SMART Utility is different from other drive utilities, such as Disk Utility, which only read the overall SMART Status. SMART Utility not only displays the individual attributes to see their status and information, but it also uses an internal algorithm based on those attributes to detect drives failing before SMART indicates it has failed. This pre-fail detection can save precious data before SMART has determined that the drive has failed. And, while the raw information can be viewed on the command line with smartmontools (which is what SMART Utility is based on, SMART Utility presents it in an easy to read format, as well as running its internal pre-fail algorithm. Plus, with the ability to run self tests, problems can be detected even sooner.

Displays all supported internal drives and their partitions, as well as some external drives (if optional SAT SMART driver is installed)
Displays important information in the main window, such as drive model, capacity, power on hours, temperature, bad sector counts, and error counts and types
Displays easy to read overall SMART status with color coded text
Displays more detailed information in separate windows, including capabilities, all available attributes, and the past five errors
Displays information using the Growl notification service (if installed) and email notifications (if configured)
Displays information in menu bar
Supports scanning in the background
Supports running a hard drive’s built-in test, and displays the results of the test
Supports scanning OS X software RAID drives, as well as drives in many RAID enclosures and cards (including SeriTek drives)
Supports logging all information to a log file for verifying SMART data
Supports customizing the pre-fail algorithm, including only alerting new bad sectors and error counts
Supports saving drive reports for later viewing
Supports printing drive reports
Supports HDDs and SSDs
Supports Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.15
Fully localized in French, thanks to Ronald A. Leroux

View the FAQ that is also available in the app under the Help menu.

Note: SMART Utility is based on the command line “smartmontools”, an open source software package that does the actual scanning of SMART attributes. SMART Utility only parses the data that smartmontools outputs, and it would not exist without it. It is available on their site.

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