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At some point or another, we have felt the pain of losing our important files and data because of abrupt drive failure, system crashes and due to human error.

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This is an awful situation because in the world of computer, data is the most important & precious thing to lose. But you should not be worried much, as data recovery software mac turns as the solely hope to get you through all.

You might be thinking that having a backup plan is the greatest defense against disaster of losing data. But not to forget backup servers can also fail! That’s where the Best Data Recovery Software Mac shines & saves you from lot of hassles.

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Whether you’ve accidently deleted all your office documents, or you just want a way out to have more control over how your data is stored and managed. You should read about the following best file recovery software mac. We have compiled a list of paid & free data recovery software mac. Choose the right one, according to your needs & requirements.

Top 16 Best Mac Data Recovery Software

There is a glut of mac recovery software in the market, therefore it becomes difficult to choose the best. So, to save your precious time we bring a list of The Best Recovery Software for Mac!

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tops our list of Best mac recovery software for providing ultimate recovering solutions which retrieves our precious data easily & quickly. It is a free data recovery software for mac which works effectively to recover deleted photos, music, emails & videos with comfort. There are three different versions available: Unlimited, Pro & Free. The free version can restore data to maximum 200 MB.

It’s the best data recovery software mac that works perfectly for internal storage devices and for multiple storage devices too including: memory card, Digital camera etc. In just 3 simple steps you can find everything you have lost or deleted accidently. You can download this apple data recovery software from the link given below.

2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:

Stellar is the right choice as data rescue for mac. Like other platforms mentioned here you can recover several file formats using this disk recovery for mac. In fact, apart from files/folders you can also recover deleted emails and messages & other inaccessible data using this best data recovery software mac free.

The application has a feature of creating images that helps you to recover data from external hard drives which has bad blocks. You may find the interface very basic but if we talk about the efficiency to recover files then this free mac data recovery tool really works well. Its available for free trial so recover deleted files with mac software right now!

3. Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Looking for the ultimate Mac data rescue solution? Then search no further as Cisdem Data Recovery is your absolute option. Besides recovering your precious data from your Mac machine, Cisdem also restores photos, videos, music, and documents from external devices such as SD card, USB drives etc. This amazing tool comes with a set of utilities that helps to recover all major file types from a range of storage devices in every data loss situation.

It proffers five recovery modes that help you save lots of time and effort; Basic Mac Data Recovery (for recovering regular files such as photos, audios & documents), Trash Recovery (for restoring accidentally deleted data from Trash Bin), Formatted Drive Recovery (recover data from drives that are lost due to corruption or damage etc.), External Devices Recovery (to retrieve data from external devices such as memory card, external drive etc.), Advanced File Recovery (works for all data loss scenarios). Just choose the recovery mode > Start Scanning Process > Preview Files > Recover Your Data!

4. FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery is a simple and secure solution for Mac users to recover deleted files. The data recovery software is easy to use and provides a high success rate for recovering deleted data. It will help you save the time with the Quick scan option to search for deleted files. Another scan option will look deep into every area of your disk storage on Mac. It also shows you a preview of all the discovered files. This makes it easy for you to check if these are the deleted files you wanted to recover.

FonePaw Data Recovery is a simple and secure solution for Mac users to recover deleted files. The data recovery software is easy to use and provides a high success rate for recovering deleted data. It will help you save the time with the Quick scan option to search for deleted files. Another scan option will look deep into every area of your disk storage on Mac. It also shows you a preview of all the discovered files. This makes it easy for you to check if these are the deleted files you wanted to recover.

5. Data Rescue

Data Rescue for Mac designed and developed by Prosoft, which is a professional hard drive recovery software with a Standard and Pro Mode versions. The software has comprehensive scanning options, robust file support, duplicate recognition, Time Machine compatibility, and Email Notification features. Data Rescue is even capable of scanning SD cards, SSDs, USB Drive, and so on.

It can also scan the virtual machines & can be helpful for recovering important data from a Boot Camp partition. The Mac Recovery Software also helps users to create a clone of hard drive, in case there’s any hardware related issue. It offers Quick and Deep Scan features for speedy and profound recovery. It also presents a Free Demo to preview the recoverable files; you can run a complete scan with it. Once you discover your lost files, get the paid version to recover the data.

6. DiskWarrior

Getting DiskWarrior downloaded and installed on your Mac machine is a very quick process. Out of all the File Recovery Software for Mac reviewed so far, DiskWarrior has the most professional & intuitive interface. This makes the scanning process easier & helps to figure out various options available on the dashboard.

Unlike other Data Recovery Software for Mac, DiskWarrior not only helps in restoring lost or deleted files, but it is also unrivalled in its ability to repair the Mac directory, which is surely an added benefit. DiskWarrior is incredibly safe to use, it ensures that your directory is error-free so that nothing harms your data.

7. R-Studio for Mac

Here comes a perfect blend of powerful & cost-effective file recovery software, R-Studio for Mac. The utility is quite helpful for users to restore files from APFS/HFS+ /HFS (Macintosh), UFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) partitions. Additionally, R-Studio is quite helpful in raw file recovery that can be used for heavily damaged or unknown file systems.

Damaged RAID Recovery, Disk Image, File Sorting, S.M.A.R.T Monitoring are some of the main highlights of this hard drive data recovery software. R-Studio supports the mass recovery of different file types in a few clicks. The company feature three different and useful Freeware for users: R-Undelete Home (to recover data from local disk & external storage devices), R-Photo (to recover photos and videos from the drives), R-Linux (recover files from various formats and drives with ease.)

8. SuperDuper!

As the name indicates, SuperDuper1 is the ultimate software that makes data recovery effortless and hassle-free. The software has an incredibly simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. It also features a built-in scheduler that backs up files automatically. In fact, the tool perfectly complements Time Machine, therefore, you can easily store a bootable backup alongside your Time Machine volume.

Apart from offering its primary function to backup and recovery important files, SuperDuper! offers a variety of options to create a clone of your system. It even allows users to dig deeper into their options and build your own backup scripts by pointing and clicking. The recent version of this file recovery software supports snapshots on APFS drives. This helps to save the state of the drive before you install new software. So, in case anything goes wrong, you can easily roll back to the snapshot.

9. Alsoft: DiskWarrior

Alsoft’s DiskWarrior is an award-winning mac data recovery freeware. If you find your work documents, favorite music folder, latest photoshoot missing from your Mac, then do not worry you can recover them all without any hassle. This best data recovery software mac recovers your data securely that means there is no scope of misuse of your data in between.

The data recovery mac also repairs mac directories to improve mac machine’s performance. With all these qualities, the application is easy to use and affordable. This makes it one of the best data recovery software for mac.

Download this data rescue for mac!

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10. Kroll Ontrack:

Another best file recovery software mac we have is Kroll Ontrack. It is a perfect software to recover data from hard drive and other storage devices like pen drive and from optical media including DVD, CD etc. This hard drive recovery software mac is well-known for its advanced scanning techniques which quickly finds & recover all your lost docs, music, photos & videos in just few minutes.

This data recovery mac is mostly treated as the best MacBook data recovery software because of its blazing fast options to locate the missing files. Though the interface is little unclear, but it’s definitely worth the shot. Here is the link to download this product. The software is also available for free trial.

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11. Data Recovery Pro:

Talking about the Best file recovery software for mac & not mentioning Data Recovery Pro is certainly not possible. It locates & recover important files for almost every file types. The tool is not only efficient for recovering your missing data, but it comes with an ability to scan for files & folders that are absent from your peripheral storage as well. The application recovers data on your USB drives, SD cards and digital cameras.

This disk recovery for mac allows you to preview deleted files before recovery & also allows you to search for text in a lost file. You can scan in multiple recovery modes such as to recover partition, to recover hard drives and to recover digital disks.

12. Softtote Data Recovery:

Here’s another best data recovery software for mac – Softtote Data recovery, which is an all in one solution to recover deleted files on your Mac in just few clicks. This mac recovery software offers you fast, safe and complete recovery solutions based on the need of Apple users. The interface is quite clean and guides you through the step-by-step process to find lost files & how to recover them.

Apart from this you can also recover deleted images from your digital cameras supporting all the top manufactures via this best data recovery software mac. The data which you recover using this tool to recover permanently deleted files in Mac is completely secure and the app claims that it does not share any of your information.

13. uFlysoft Data Recovery:

If you are looking for a specific software which can help you to recover your deleted photos, then you must try uFlysoft recovery tool. As photos are the most precious memories, we cannot afford to lose them this photo recovery software for mac helps you to recover your lost pictures, videos & audio files by performing a deep scan.

It is an easy to use photo recovery software which supports all file formats including gif, png, jpeg, bmp, tga, psd, eps, tiff and more. The best part of this mac data recovery freeware is if your purpose is to recover only deleted photos/videos & audios then you are not needed to spend any penny in buying the full mac recovery software.

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14. iDear Media Recovery:

iDear Media Recovery is another best data recovery for Mac which helps you in recovering deleted/lost/formatted & inaccessible media files. It’s a read-only file recovery mac which doesn’t overwrite or modify the original data. The tool supports recovering data from FAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX machines.

This best data recovery software mac is very genuinely priced. Though it doesn’t have very funky interface and may give a very basic & simple look but if you want to recover some recently deleted media files then there is no harm in giving this application a try.


15. Any Data Recovery

Next in our list of best recovery software for mac is: Any data Recovery which recovers any deleted data under any situation. The application is compatible with almost every version of Mac OS X. You can retrieve your data in just three simple steps. This best data recovery software mac free, allows you to recover your deleted data with ease and you can also contact support for any assistance regarding recovering your deleted files.


This free file recovery software for mac works well with almost every type of file formats & media. The tool allows you to restore your lost files from your mac machine and other removable media storages as well. And you can have preview before you recover!

16. Do Your Data Recovery:

Our list of best data recovery software for mac would be incomplete without mentioning – Do Your Data Recovery software which has powerful abilities to recover those files even when you have emptied the recycle bin. This best hard drive recovery software for mac not only helps in restoring accidentally deleted files, but also assist you in recovering files lost due to unintentional formatting, OS crash, virus attacking, partition loss & other reasons.

This best data recovery software mac has two versions, one is available on the Mac app store and another is web version. App store version can recover lost files from DMG disk while the full web version can recover lost files from your disk and external hard drives including pen drives & other removable devices. You may need to pay extra bugs for the website version.

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Summing Up: Best Data Recovery Software For Mac

So, no worries about your mac machine getting corrupted, or formatted, because this 11 best data recovery software for Mac are here to help you under all the lost circumstances. So, no more panicking if you have accidently deleted a file on your system! You can choose a file recovery software for mac from the above list according to your needs.

Get started by retrieving your deleted files back on your Mac!

Your childhood memories, your college photographs with the best friends, your wedding day, or your baby’s first foot-steps, all these memories cherish our lives. We often watch them relive our good old days. Having such sweet memories on your Mac, you cannot afford your memories to lose due to any system failures.

Of course, Mac comes with robust technology, and it can withstand power failures and sudden restarts during system updates. But at the end of the day, it’s a system and if it’s not your day, you may end up losing all your important data on your Mac.

Protecting your data must be your first priority no matter what. Be it a free backup software for Mac or a paid one, it’s always recommended to have multiple backups or copies of your data to be on a safe side.

Best Backup Software for Mac in 2020

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Mac backup software, and there’s a lot that had taken into consideration before we curated this list. The types of backups the software can create, the interface, ease of restoring the data, the types of media files or documents it can backup, and a lot more have considered. So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the finest options that can create a backup of your Mac with ease.

#1. Time Machine

For those who don’t want a technical setup to backup their Mac, Time Machine is a perfect choice. This software comes with your Mac operating system itself, and it works flawlessly without any interruptions. It’s easy to set up and it backups the data into the hard drive connected to your Mac.

Once you set up the Time Machine, taking backup is easier than ever. The multiple copies of your files ensure that you never lose your important documents or medial files when something goes wrong on your Mac. If taking a backup is easy on Time Machine, it’s equally easy to restore the backup from the hard drive.

Overall, Time Machine is a good backup software for Mac, but after a period of time, the old backup data is replaced by the new data. In such cases, you can always delete unwanted backups from Time Machine on your Mac. So this software is the best suited for those who don’t have large data on their Mac systems.

#2. SuperDuper

If you want to proceed a step further in terms of taking a backup, SuperDuper is one such software that is better as compared to the Time Machine, at least for me. This software creates a bootable clone of the startup drive. And that’s where it’s one step ahead of Time Machine.

Taking backups and creating a bootable clone is available in the free version of SuperDuper. But if you want to take it further and to use the full features of this software such as set up schedule for automatic backups, one step restore process, smart updates, etc., you need to opt for a paid version.

Price: Free (for Paid Version – $27.95)
Buy SuperDuper

#3. Get Backup Pro

Just like SuperDuper, Get Backup Pro is also capable of creating a bootable clone of the startup drive of your Mac. Interestingly, you can compress the backup files to save some space. The simple and easy to use interface make it easy for a newbie to access the software swiftly.

Besides this, the folder synchronization works seamlessly in the back-end without interrupting your tasks on Mac. All the backup processes and synchronization processes can be scheduled and can be transferred into the network drives, CDs, and DVDs as well.

Even if you don’t have your Mac and if you still want to restore the data from an external drive to another system, it’s not mandatory to have Get Backup Pro app on the system. This is the best feature of this software I loved, and moreover, this app comes at an affordable price as well.

Price: $19.99 (for Single License)
Buy Get Backup Pro

#4. Backblaze

If you feel that just taking a backup isn’t enough, and you need to safeguard the data as well, then Backblaze must be your first preference. Of course, it’s a bit costly, but when it’s about the privacy of your data, no costs are bigger, isn’t it?! While taking the initial data backup may take several days as it has to backup everything on the servers, the rest of the process will be as smooth as local drive backup.

Backblaze is smart enough to decide which files are necessary to take a backup and skip a few files such as disk images, apps folder, etc. All your data is encrypted, and you can add a six-digit passcode to add an extra layer of protection to your precious data.


The backups are kept for 30 days and later on, the files which keep changing regularly are backed up at regular intervals. It costs almost $6 per month, which is costly for sure, but your data is absolutely safe. Just in case if you want to test it, you can also get a free trial for 15 days as well.

Price: $6/Month (Free Trial Available)
Buy Backblaze

#5. iDrive

iDrive is yet another paid software which is very much similar to Backblaze in terms of functionalities. It comes with a free tier, which allows you to backup 5GB of data at no cost. You can backup this 5GB of data across your multiple Mac systems, unlike Backblaze.

While other software deletes the backup files after 30 days, iDrive doesn’t do that anytime. In fact, you can restore any file at any point in time. But keeping too many backups can easily fill the space quickly! Some other features like Snapshots and Rewind let you restore the backup from the previous snapshots.

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Price: Free (Paid Version of 2 TB Space for $52.12/Year)

#6. Carbon Copy Cloner

So far, I found Carbon Copy Cleaner to be the finest of all backup software available for Mac. It takes a complete backup of your Mac with just 3 clicks, such is the interface and easy to use the functionality of this software. Carbon Copy Cloner creates an exact copy of Mac’s internal drive through a bootable drive.

So even if anything goes wrong on your system, it’s easier to restore the files from this bootable drive. And if it still doesn’t help you out, you can try to recover the Mac data using the software. Once it takes a complete backup of Mac’s drive, it only adds those files that are modified or added new to the drive.

At a glance, you might find it hard to use, but eventually, it’s much more simple than you see. Besides the full backup, you also have an option to create hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly backups. But this will only eat up more space, hence, you can do this only if it’s required.

Price: $39.99 (30-day Free Trail)
Buy iDrive

#7. ChronoSync

Don’t go with the name Sync, it not only syncs your files but also backups your complete files from your Mac as well. It has options to create manual backups and scheduling backups too. Besides this, you can create a copy of data backup on the local drive, and it also supports Amazon S3 Storage and Google Cloud.

ChronoSync does create a bootable clone but not just one, it creates two clones that aren’t done by any other software available for Mac. The standard clone leaves certain unnecessary files while the mirror clone creates an exact clone of whatever present on your Mac’s drive. Restoring files is simple and easy, as it has a simple interface.

Price: $24.99

Software For Mac Best

#8. Acronis True Image

The best thing about Acronis True Image is you can take backup either locally or via cloud service as well. With a free trial, you can give a try to the local data backup, but to use the cloud service, you need to get the paid version of the software. It supports APFS drives, and this option isn’t available in most of the software listed today.

It creates an image in a proprietary format if you choose to take a backup on a local drive. And to access this data, you’ll need to use the restore tools available in Acronis True Image to get the data. Overall, it’s a good software to take a backup for your Mac on the cloud. This one seems to be a bit costly, given the options of backing up data both locally and on the cloud as well.

Price: $49.99/Year (30-days Free Trail)
Buy Acronis True Image

#9. Mac Backup Guru

Right from different types of backups to the cloning and from the synchronization to the direct cloning, everything is included in Mac Backup Guru software. Just like other software listed above, it creates a bootable clone of your Mac’s internal drive so that you can easily restore it back if anything goes wrong with the system. You can either take a complete backup or a few folders you wish to.

It doesn’t overwrite the older backups keeping the newly modified files as a separate backup. This gives you a chance to view the earlier files which didn’t have any changes. That’s the best part I loved about this backup software. Of course, it’s a bit costly as compared to the other software, but such features don’t come at a low cost, to be honest.

Price: $29.99 (Free Version)
Buy Mac Backup Guru

#10. CrashPlan

Best Software For Mac Graphic Design

CrashPlan uses off-site and cloud storage both for data backups for your Mac. You can use any destination to backup your data, not just your hard drive, but you can also use someone else’s computer as a backup if you trust them. The free version of the CrashPlan gives incremental backups along with file encryption.

The interesting part is you can create unlimited backups on the cloud. And if you face any issues while doing so, the technical support and the customer service are always on their toes to help you out! It doesn’t add any extra load on your Mac as it’s simple and doesn’t take much space in your system. Of course, all this comes at a high cost. So choose this software only if you feel it’s worth your data.

Price: $10/Month for Single Computer (One Month Free Trail)
Buy CrashPlan

That’s it, folks!

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Wrapping Up…

Backing up data is a vital part, no matter which operating system you’re using. These were some of the best Mac data backup software one must consider before getting any one of them. I would recommend you to use a trial version of any of the above-given software, and if you feel comfortable and safe, you can then go for a paid version. That’s how I choose software for my Mac.

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So which software would you try to take a constant backup of your Mac? Do let us know in the comment section below and also share your feedback with us in comment box.

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