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Tk For Mac

Put an end to writing command-line interfaces for your programs. Use Tkinter, the Python package for creating themed interface elements with the Tk GUI toolkit. Join Barron Stone in this course as. My Mac details are as follows: MacOs High Sierra V 10.13.3 with a standard HD on a mid 2012 Macbook Pro My Software versions are python 3.6.4, pyinstaller 3.3.1, virtualenv 15.1.0, sqllite3 3.19.3. The most promsing fix on github did not work ergo my query on fixing the Pyinstaller issue for mac where it loads the tcl and tk resources. The largest video chat room community. Explore thousands of free online video chat rooms and meet millions of friendly members worldwide. A built-in version of Tcl/Tk 8.6 will be used. If you are using macOS 10.6 or later, the Apple-supplied Tcl/Tk 8.5 has serious bugs that can cause application crashes. If you wish to use IDLE or Tkinter, do not use the Apple-supplied Pythons.

Tcl/Tk 8.6.10Source
Tcl/Tk 8.7a3Pre-release
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Tklib 0.7Feb 9, 2020
Tcllib 1.20Dec 2, 2019

There are several options available for obtaining Tcl/Tk. Theseare listed below.

Operating System Packages

Most Unix / Linux operating system distributions, as well as Mac OS X,include Tcl/Tk. If not already installed, you can use your system'spackage manager to install the appropriate packages. For example,on a Debian system, you can type

to install Tcl. Note than some components, even including Tk,man pages and C libraries may be separate packages and installedin a similar manner.


To check the version installed, start Tcl/Tk(usually via running 'tclsh' or 'wish' from a command line),and typing

This will tell you what version you're running.

If you do not have privileges to install software or if you needa newer version than the one provided by the system, you may useone of the alternative means of obtaining Tcl as described below.

MeaningTk For Mac

Binary Distributions

Pre-built Tcl distributions for many common platforms are availablefor download. These include both traditional installers as well assingle file 'download and run' executables. SeeBinary distributions.

Source Distributions

Finally, you always have the option of downloading the Tcl/Tk sourcedistributions and building it yourself. SeeSource distributions for instructionson downloading and compiling.

Related Software

A very large number of libraries and extensions are available for Tcl/Tk.The most popular and commonly used ones are catalogued in theGreat Unified Tcl/TkExtension Repository. (In other words, get them from the GUTTER.)The Tcler's Wiki is an alternate,but uncategorized, resource for the same.

Tk Maxx

Tk For Mac

License Information

Tak Format

Tcl/Tk is open source (based on a BSD-style license), so you canuse it and modify it virtually any way you want, including forcommercial uses. Here is the Tcl source distributionlicense, but be sure to check the license for any particulardistribution you use.

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