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Posted : admin On 2/1/2022

Playing TV station on Apple Watch.

Luckily, you don’t have to pay for Netflix or Hulu to get your online TV fix. There are plenty of ways to watch TV online for free, and some of them will make you wonder why anybody pays $12.99 a month for a streaming service subscription. Borrow Somebody’s Login. When it comes to account sharing, streaming services are pretty lax.

Watch tv for free on my macbook pro

Watch Local Tv On Your Mac

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A short while ago we’ve shown you how to upload and play videos on Apple Watch. Let’s take this one step further and see how to watch TV from your wrist-worn device. No, you won’t need to upload your wearable to the hyped WatchOS 2.0 beta, for this trick to work. What I’m sharing with you today is a very simple but efficient trick that brings your favorite TV station on your Apple Watch!

Why would you need to watch TV on your wrist gadget, in the first place?…you might ask. Yes, I agree that the screen size is too small and common sense tells us that the experience can’t be too pleasant. However, do imagine that you’re watching an important sports event or a thrilling movie, while something comes up and you need to leave your living room, for a few minutes. Yes, a bathroom break can be a good example. This is when the Apple Watch comes to the rescue and allows you to keep track of your favorite TV show 24/7.

Stream TV on Apple Watch
OK, enough with the introduction here is how to do it:
Step 1: Grab the paired iPhone and position it in front of your TV, with main Camera facing the TV set. Or, ask a person in the room to pinpoint your iOS device towards the screen displaying your favorite telecast.
Step 2: Flick your wrist and press the Digital Crown until you reach the app bundle.
Step 3: Tap on the watchOS Camera app. This will automatically wake the iPhone’s Camera and stream the media content on your Watch’s display, using the remote viewfinder feature. This way, you can see on your wrist gadget, what the paired iPhone sees via its Camera lens.
Fact: The frame rate can cause a little bit of lag sometimes. It depends on how far away from the streaming source (iPhone), you go. The closer you are the better the quality of the transmission.

Wi-Fi TV streaming on Apple Watch
I agree, this is a sneaky trick and quite a compromise. But I’m a strong believer that we can expect streaming of actual TV feeds from the web, pretty soon. As you might know watchOS 2.0 will be released this autumn and it will allow third-party developers to use many more functions of your wearable. The Watch could soon be able to connect to the Internet on its own, without needing to run software through the paired iPhone and thus be able to download Youtube videos and even live streams. Be sure that we’ll cover the story over here as soon as this feature becomes available. Stay tuned!


It used to be that we all knew our MacBooks to be impenetrable. No virus would get through their robust defenses. We didn’t need to worry about malware or spyware. That was the domain of Windows users.

Today, that’s arguable at best.

Remember the security vulnerability Thunderstrike back in 2015? Then there’s the Mac.BackDoor.iWorm back in 2014. We can’t ignore ransomware – KeRanger code by Bitdefender being a rather recent one.

Earlier this year, McAfee Labs released their “Threats Report“, and guess what? There has been a drastic increase in new malware affecting Mac OS.

Now, in addition to malicious software, there’s also the issue online activity being tracked, and whether or not you’re doing something unlawful, invasion of privacy is a serious matter.

Still think Mac OS users are untouchable?

Thought so.

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Having established the fact that you can’t go online feeling like bulletproof Superman, impervious to security issues, let’s talk about cable cutting. Watching TV online. Streaming.

First thing that comes to mind is Netflix, I’m 99% sure. However, not everything can be found on Netflix, and you dont’ want to pay for 10 different streaming services – that would defeat the purpose of cable cutting. So what do we do?


So what do we do? Watch TV online for free.

This is where things get tricky. Netflix and the other paid services are practically 100% safe, but when you watch TV on Mac for free, your safety is not only not guaranteed but is highly likely to be compromised.

Still, there are a bunch of ways to watch TV online for free safely. Let’s take a look.

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How to Watch TV on Mac for Free – Safely

Skip Project Free TV

Project Free TV is an option – if you don’t want to shop around. It aggregates content from around the web and sorts it into an easily searchable database. However, while the site itself is light on dodgy advertising, the links it offers are not. Not only is it not safe, it’s downright frustrating. To watch an episode you have to click through a million hidden ads, before finding out whether you’ve chosen a quality source.

Try Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is popular because, unlike Project Free TV, it streams from torrents. Instead of downloading the torrent first, it buffers what is necessary and does the rest as you watch. It has a pretty nifty media player, and an easy to use set-up.

Is Popcorn Time safe? There is always the possibility of malware, but it isn’t that high. The more pressing issue is the legality of the material. Copyrighted material is often on the table and is distributed without permission. Popcorn Time’s disclaimer:

Depends on where you’re from, really. Once again: we’re using torrents, so if you really care, you’d better google what the legal situation around this protocol is where you live.

They also advise using a VPN to protect your identity and activity.

Here are free, safe, and legal alternatives

Popcorn Time may be the Netflix of free streaming, but it is shady at best. Check out the following options below:

Live Tv For Mac

  • ABC.

Some drawbacks:

  • The TV shows available on these sites may not be the trending ones. There are still popular shows, though and you’ll find some hidden gems.
  • Most major networks offer free viewing of some of their popular shows for a limited time. If you can live without binge-watching, then you’re golden.

Note: You will need a VPN to watch certain channels depending on your location.

Watch Tv On My Mac

The bottom line on how to watch TV on Mac for free: You may opt for the first option (Popcorn Time) but beware the consequences – both legally and potentially with safety issues. Be patient and go the legal route and be more secure.