What Is A Word Processor For Mac

Posted : admin On 1/31/2022

So you own a laptop or maybe a tablet that has a very limited amount of space and you need to edit important word files. Well, what do you do? You find a good and a free word processor that is both small in space and effective in results. The year is 2019 and the world today doesn’t use only Microsoft Word. There are plenty of effective replacements available now that are both small in size and very useful. So, today we’re going to take a look at the best word processors of 2019 that’ll prove to be amazing replacements for your current office utilities.

Let me gush for a while about one of my favorite free Mac downloads out there. It's Bean for Mac OS X. Bean is a free word processor for Mac users, and it does everything right. The Best Free Word Processing Software app downloads for Mac: Apache OpenOffice FormulatePro Microsoft Word EndNote Plain Text Editor TextMate TextMat.

People don’t have the internet around them all the time, yet they want to complete their work on time. Then they are definitely in need of a good word processor that can be downloaded. If you’re one of the people that need downloadable word processors, then you’re in for a treat as we’ve listed some of the best downloadable word processor programs of 2019.
Let’s have a look at the MS Word alternatives that you’ll want to download:

1) Jarte

This amazing word processor is based on the WordPad engine and is absolutely free of cost. Although there is a paid version of Jarte available, if you’ll only be working on Word and WordPad files, the free version is pretty good too. Going through its features, Jarte is supported by Windows 7/XP/Vista. Its interface is quite efficient and requires less from your PC or laptop to work with and provides really fast results. That’s not just all that it has, it even has a Text-to-HTML and HTML-to-Text editor. Additional features include a spell and grammar checker as an option for those who mistype a lot. Jarte has to be one of the best word processor programs of 2019.

2) OpenOffice

OpenOffice is probably the best downloadable word processor of 2019, definitely one of the best in my opinion. It can be downloaded easily from OpenOffice.org and consists of 6 packages that are both easy to extract, install and use. OpenOffice happens to be quite similar from the ever so famous MS Office. The 6 applications that it consists are Writer (a basic word processor), Calc (which is used to alter spreadsheets), Impress (which is for anyone who loves to make presentations), Draw (an app for graphic designers), Base (to alter databases) and Math (for anyone who needs help with maths). For me, Writer is better than Microsoft Office as it is quite a good replacement for Adobe Reader as well. That’s right, it can also open PDF files. The software happens to be maintained by many helpful developers online as it is open source and absolutely free of cost. This is perhaps the leading word processor program for the year 2019.

3) NeoOffice

If you’re an Apple lover and a Mac OS X user, this word processor program is definitely for you. NeoOffice happens to be a very helpful office suite and has a huge amount of features similar to OpenOffice. NeoOffice can edit most MS Office files, spreadsheets and everything else. In addition, it includes an option to easily highlight through PDF files, which is something rather new to see. Unfortunately, the free edition of NeoOffice does not let you save files, Here I would like to suggest you this PunctuationCheck for proofreading.

However, for people who only want to edit, type or print, this is the perfect word processor program.

4) IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM and free are two things that we do not really see in the same sentence often. But the fact is IBM has released a word processor program that is free of cost. IBM’s free productivity package, known as the IBM Lotus Symphony, comes with a word processor program, a spreadsheet editor and a presentation editing software. Initially, people only considered it to be an OpenOffice wannabe as it seemed like a replica. However, they’ve modified it quite a lot and now it looks very unique. The ever so efficient IBM utility is able to edit ODF, TXT, Word files, and even PDF files. Not just that, it can also be exported as a PDF file. Whatever you may want, IBM Lotus Symphony has it. What was once called an OpenOffice replica, now happens to be a tough competitor of the same word processor program.

Sometimes people do not have enough space or time to download a word processor program on the device they are using and prefer a word processing program that is efficient and smart. We’ll be looking into some of the best online word processors of 2018:

5) Google Docs

When we talk about an online, free word processor application, there is one program that is probably the best replacement for Microsoft’s MS Office. Google happens to have the solution to everything and this is probably the best solution for anyone that likes cloud storage and online word processor programs as Google Docs provides both. That’s right! With Google Docs, you can easily edit your documents and enjoy 15 GB of cloud space that has all your work saved.

Just like other programs from Google, Docs also has quite an easy and user-friendly user interface that does not let you get confused. Edit, save and create as much you can as even if your laptop’s battery drains out, Google Docs saves every word from the second you’ve started typing to save your hard work.

Another great feature of Google Docs is that you have the ability to share and see work with your colleagues in real-time and you can even communicate with them if you want to using the efficient sidebar GChat.
Google Docs very easily makes it to the list of top online word processor programs of 2018.

6) Zoho

Zoho was first started a few years ago. It aims to provide around 20 kinds of utilities that include a lightweight online word processor program as well. To use this word processor program, you have to make a Zoho account first or link your Google account to it. The interface of the word processor program happens to be very easy to use. Similar to Google Docs, it saves your work as you type so that you don’t lose precious data.

7) Etherpad

Etherpad is mostly used by developers to edit real time coding, but later on it evolved as a valuable word processor program. Etherpad is really easy to use and provides results in real time. It is a must have for students that need lightweight word processor programs as its real approach is to edit documents for those who are working in collaboration with each other. The biggest advantage of Etherpad is that there is no signup option and the user doesn’t really has to get in the mess of making an account to edit their valuable files. The only thing you need to do is start a new ‘Pad’ (which is just a fancy name for a word document) and start working on it with your friends. You’ll just have to share its link with your friends and you’re good to go. An email invitation system is also available. And when all of you have the Pad link, you can start working on the project with each other, regardless of being miles apart.

8) Nevron Writer

Alright, Nevron Writer is actually a part of NevronOffice and they boast their product as an alternative of MS Word processor. They like to assert the fact that their Word Processor looks and behaves identically the same whether you use it in Windows or Mac.

Here are some most prominent of features of NevronWriter apart from the same interface in Windows and Mac:

  • Compatible with all Big Word Processors – No matter whether you use MS Word or Pages that comes with Mac, you would not have any compatibility issues and your docs will always open with these processors as well as all famous word processors.
  • Rich Formatting – People love MS Word for being the key word processor and because the attention to details is simple marvelous. However, Nevron Writer claims to have better and in-depth formatting.
  • A Visual Web Designer – If you swing between your WordPress website and word processor, Nevron Writer is absolutely for you, because it is based on HTML and CSS.

9) LibreOffice – Writer

Just like Nevron, LibreOffice is also an entire office suite and write it the word processor that comes with it. Unlike Nevron Writer, the “free” here is not “free trial”, but absolutely and permanently free. Download it and use it as long as you may please.

What Is A Word Processor For Mac

Here are the reasons why you may consider Writer from LiberOffice:

    • Free download – like no strings attached
    • Compatibility – The biggest issues that the users of word porcessors have with their processors is that whether they would be compatible with big and huge MS Word or not, and Pages too. This processor is just as compatible as the previous one.
    • Customization – Fonts, formats, design, customization – if these are the words that drive you when it comes to word processors, this one is definitely for you because it lets you customize each and every part of your document.
    • AutoComplete – and some other smart features help you all the way through writing and processing really awesome documents. There are simply many document templates to choose from, which makes your job easy.

10) Speare

If you’ve always been wanting more from the best word processors and you think that it should be more than a bland word processor, Speare is obviously for you. They call it a thought processor and judging by very unique and advanced features, yes, it lets you organize your thoughts and jot them down in a much better way.

Here are the most promising features of Speare – start with a 14 days free trial and pay only if you like it:

Where is my word processor
      • Web App – It comes with an app that works directly in your browser, which will help you record your creative thoughts lest you lose those ideas in the labyrinth of your brain.
      • Creative organization of ideas – Once you have some really creative ideas recorder in the app, sit on a laptop, open Speare and use its tabs like function to creatively write down those ideas in shape of tabs. Moveable tabs – that you can move from top to down to center anywhere and once text is perfectly checked, process those tabs into a document.

11) SSuite WordGraph Editor

Like a few word processors in this list, this one also comes with full shebang – a complete office suite. However, since we are concerned only with the processor, let us talk about that. WordGraph is a full fledge word processor with all the bells and whistles that come attached with word processors.

Here are features that you will love:

      • .Net or Java Free – Yes, this word processor will run perfectly without .net or Java installed on your computer. It is light and it does not need these specs.
      • Thumbnail Previews – With WordGraph you can have Thumbnail previews of your document before you finalize them.
      • Formatting – Fonts, style options, formatting and advanced tables that you only get with WordGraph you will be free to create docs that you need.
      • Multi-Display Compatibility – If you love multitasking and thus you love to use two monitors at the same time, worry no more because this processor works fine with both monitors.
      • Presentations – Unlike MS Word which is limited only to text docs, this processor also lets you make really good presentations.

It’s absolutely free! But you can make a donation to their good cause.

12) WPS Writer

Again! Yet another office suite and Writer (Click to download) is their word processor. Well, this processor seems to be a very promising one by the features that come with it. Definitely not as revolutionary as Speare, but it crushes it at being a word processor. Have a look:

      • Compatibility – Yes, it is 100% compatible with all those God damned word processors that your boss, your colleagues, your students and your clients etc. love to use.
      • Formatting – Well, it does not introduce any revolution to formatting, but it comes with all familiar formatting tools that you love to use in MS Word.
      • Extra Stuff – How about being able to write in not less than 230 fonts and using hundreds of document templates? Good, right?
      • Ctrl+C/P/X/Z – Yeah, we know this very well. Been there done that! But WPS Writer does not come easy. It lets you use not less than 50 pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. How about it?
      • Password protection – is there, love it, do it.
      • Mail Merge – Do you like not having to attach word processor documents in email and being able to send multiple documents with a few clicks? Get this word processor.

13) SoftMaker’s FreeOffice Text Maker

Yes, this one is also an office suite, but just like all other office suites, SoftMaker’s FreeOffice also comes with a word processor. Text Maker is the name of word processor that comes with this suite. Let us have a look at what it can do so differently for you:

      • Design Rich – Since design is the strong suit of this processor, you would not have to worry about formatting, design and documents like flyers or brochures etc. It lets you design awesome documents as well as writing the documents that you need.
      • Spell check in 58 languages – So how many languages do you know exactly?
      • Compatibility – Oh yes, forgot to mention, it is fully compatible with MS Word and all big word processors like Pages from Apple.
      • Unicode Ability – This word processor is fully Unicode enabled so you can type in Unicode.

14) Dropbox Paper

Ah yes, “But Google docs or Dropbox Paper don’t really beat a features rich MS Word.” Yes, but they are free and they still have more than basic features that you need to produce a doc and save it. The best thing about Paper is that it is not all about writing words, but also coordination and teamwork.

      • Task Management Tools – They will help you have a check on your team and have updates about all recent developments.
      • Annotations – They will help you give feedback on tasks accomplished by team members and get feedback from them.
      • Calendar – Link your Paper with calendar and it will always help you find the right docs at the right time. You would never go to a meeting unprepared.


In case you are tired of using MS Word or Pages, irrespective of how awesome they are, you can give a try to any of these word processors. All of them have their own unique features.

You can pick one that is more in line with your needs.

My personal favorite? Well, aren’t we done with word processors? Why shift from one to another for same or similar features?

Perhaps it is the time to give a shot to something more creative: a thought processor. Yes, you are right. I would recommend you to use Speare because it makes a clear roadmap from raw thoughts to processing them to finalizing them in shape of a well-written document.

Some of us are old enough to recall life before word processors. (It wasn’t that long ago.) Consider this sentence:

How did we survive in the days before every last one of us had access to word processors and computers on our respective desks?

That’s not a great sentence — it’s kind of wordy and repetitious. The following sentence is much more concise:

It’s hard to imagine how any of us got along without word processors.

The purpose of this mini-editing exercise is to illustrate the splendor of word processing. Had you produced these sentences on a typewriter instead of a computer, changing even a few words would hardly seem worth it. You would have to use correction fluid to erase your previous comments and type over them. If things got really messy, or if you wanted to take your writing in a different direction, you would end up yanking the sheet of paper from the typewriter in disgust and begin pecking away anew on a blank page.

Word processing lets you substitute words at will, move entire blocks of text around with panache, and apply different fonts and typefaces to the characters. You won’t even take a productivity hit swapping typewriter ribbons in the middle of a project.

Before running out to buy Microsoft Word (or another industrial-strength and expensive) word processing program for your Mac, remember that Apple includes a respectable word processor with OS X. The program is TextEdit, and it call s the Applications folder home.

The first order of business when using TextEdit (or pretty much any word processor) is to create a new document. There’s really not much to it. It’s about as easy as opening the program itself. The moment you do so, a window with a large blank area on which to type appears.

Have a look around the window. At the top, you see Untitled because no one at Apple is presumptuous enough to come up with a name for your yet-to-be-produced manuscript.

Notice the blinking vertical line at the upper-left edge of the screen, just below the ruler. That line, called the insertion point, might as well be tapping out Morse code for “start typing here.”

Indeed, you have come to the most challenging point in the entire word processing experience, and it has nothing to do with technology. The burden is on you to produce clever, witty, and inventive prose, lest all that blank space go to waste.

Okay, got it? At the blinking insertion point, type with abandon. Type something original like this:

It was a dark and stormy night

If you typed too quickly, you may have accidentally produced this:

It was a drk and stormy nihgt

Fortunately, your amiable word processor has your best interests at heart. See the dotted red line below drk and nihgt? That’s TextEdit’s not-so-subtle way of flagging a likely typo. (This presumes that you’ve left the default Check Spelling as You Type activated in TextEdit Preferences.)

You can address these snafus in several ways. You can use the computer’s Delete key to wipe out all the letters to the left of the insertion point. (Delete functions like the backspace key on the Smith Coronayou put out to pasture years ago.) After the misspelled word has been quietly sent to Siberia, you can type over the space more carefully. All traces of your sloppiness disappear.

Delete is a wonderfully handy key. You can use it to eliminate a single word such as nihgt. But in this little case study, you have to repair drk too. And using Delete to erase drk means sacrificing and and stormy as well. That’s a bit of overkill.

Use one of the following options instead:

  • Use the left-facing arrow key (found on the lower-right side of the keyboard) to move the insertion point to the spot just to the right of the word you want to deep-six. No characters are eliminated when you move the insertion point that way. Only when the insertion point is where it ought to be do you again hire your reliable keyboard hit-man, Delete.

What Is The Word Processor For Macbook Air

  • Eschew the keyboard and click with the mouse to reach this same spot to the right of the misspelled word. Then press Delete.

Best Free Word Processor For Mac

Now try this helpful remedy. Right-click anywhere on the misspelled word. A list appears with suggestions. Single-click the correct word and, voilà, TextEdit instantly replaces the mistake. Be careful in this example not to choose dork.